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Minecraft Beta 1 1 Free Download For Mac

We are an unofficial fan site for the awesome game known as Minecraft. This site is dedicated to custom Minecraft saved game worlds or "maps" as they are more commonly known as. They have all been created by talented Minecraft map makers for everyone to download and play for free.

Minecraft Beta 1 1 Free Download For Mac

Whether you're playing on Minecraft Realms with friends on multiplayer or just want to chill and play it solo on singleplayer, there's plenty of different types of minecraft worlds for everyone to download and enjoy.

If you have problems with the native client or you're running OS X 10.6 or older, you can still run the Windows version of NBTExplorer on your Mac by following the Linux instructions and installing the Mono runtime. You may still need to disable GateKeeper quarantine on the downloaded files.Download: Windows / Linux (Version 2.8.0) [MSI installer or ZIP archive]Download: Mac (Version 2.0.3)Project Page: GithubI recommend backing up worlds before modifying them with this tool.Frequently Asked QuestionsQ: NBTExplorer didn't save my changes -- why?A: It's possible you forgot to save. The more likely answer is NBTExplorer did save your changes, and if you were to immediately re-open your world in NBTExplorer, you would see that your changes are still there. Instead, Minecraft erased or ignored your changes when you loaded your world. The most common trap is editing player settings or inventory on a single-player world and making your changes in a .dat file instead of in level.dat. Minecraft will overwrite your .dat file on load with the contents of the player tag in level.dat.Q: I'm on Windows and NBTExplorer crashed on start / didn't run.A: Did you get a message box listing one or more exceptions? Reply to this thread with the information so you can be better helped.If you didn't get any message box though, or you only received a standard "program has stopped working" message box, then you have deeper issues with your .NET environment. Do any other .NET programs run on your computer? If yes, then try deleting the NBTExplorer.exe.config file that was installed / came with the zip. This will cause NBTExplorer to prefer the .NET 2.x/3.x framework over the 4.x framework, and may allow the program to run if your .NET 4.x framework is toast. You should still do something about that, of course.Q: I'm on Windows and NBTExplorer crashed with a scary warning.A: Windows 8 and later includes a program filter called "SmartScreen" that prevents unrecognized software from running. Its warning looks something like this:If you see this screen, press the "More info" link to get a "Run Anyway" button. This will launch the program, and you shouldn't see the warning again unless you update NBTExplorer.NBTExplorer is SAFE and has an established reputation in the Minecraft community. However, you don't need to take my word at face-value. The source code is publicly available for inspection, and you can download and build your own copy if you so wish.SmartScreen builds up reputation on individual files. So you may see this warning if you download a freshly released update of NBTExplorer, but not if you download a version that has been out for a while. Unfortunately the permanent fix for this is to buy very expensive signing certificates that must be renewed annually, which is not viable for a free tool like this.Q: The Mac version doesn't run on my Mac!A: If you're running OSX 10.6.x or earlier, the Mac version is confirmed to not work. It has been tested and confirmed to work for people on 10.7.x and 10.8.x, although that may still not be a guarantee that it will work for you, or that it will be bug-free.If you're having problems running the Mac-specific version of NBTExplorer, there is still a high probability that you can run the Windows/Linux version instead. thhinds has posted a more detailed set of instructions here. It won't be as pretty -- you'll get a very crude looking version of Windows UI styling instead of native OSX styling, but it should still do the job. I can't do anything about this unless an experienced Cocoa developer that also has some .NET/Mono experience is willing to step up and help me determine why it won't run on older versions of OSX.Q: When I run the Mac version, I see: OSStatus error -67053A: It has been reported that this is caused by Gatekeeper disallowing NBTExplorer from running because it is not a properly signed application. Please refer to the instructions in the "Mac Users" section above for bypassing GateKeeper's check. NOTE: As of August 22, 2013, I have begun signing NBTExplorer. Try downloading the latest version first.

Can't download Mineways itself? First thing to try: open up an Incognito tab and download from the homepage. If that doesn't work, try using a different browser. Sometimes antivirus software will not allow you to download Mineways (and sometimes it won't even tell you it's "protecting" you). Chrome and other browsers may give you " is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous" with a "Discard" button next to it. Hit the "^" to the right of that and choose "Keep." Alternately, download the Mineways minimal version, which shouldn't give the warning. Everything else in the main zip is for adding new resource packs, automating processes, etc. Mineways.exe is all you need most of the time. Me, I'm trustworthy. The Mineways code is open source. That said, do make sure you're downloading Mineways from this site, (which renames to , because I'm a cheapskate).If you have problems with exporting, first try not changing any export options. Some tutorial videos give various options to click in the export dialog. For the most part, the default options should get you something reasonable to start with, and changing them might even cause a crash in Mineways (since there are so many permutations, it is hard for me to test them all).If you get an error about MSVCR140.DLL being missing or "VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found" or "api-ms-win-runtime-l1-1-0-.dll" not found or similar, install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 for your system. Select vc_redist.x64.exe if you have a 64-bit system, vc_redist.x86.exe for a 32-bit system. You may also need to reboot. (Not sure what system type you have? Press the Windows key+I, select "System", select "About" at the bottom, and look at "System type" under "Device specifications"). Sorry for this annoyance, but Microsoft does not make this easy, and the problem even has a name. Microsoft will misleadingly say "Reinstalling the program may fix this problem" - it won't. Installing the redistributable will. Still having weird problems on startup? Try looking for system corruption, advice from this post. Note: For Mineways 5.10 and earlier, you may get an error about MSVCR120.DLL being missing; install the Visual Studio 2013 (VC++ 12.0) redistributable.If you get "Windows protected your PC" when running Mineways, click on "More info" and then "Run anyway". I'm trustworthy, but feel free to run the mineways.exe executable through VirusTotal to feel safe. Note that this site sometimes reports that VBA32 will find BScope.Backdoor.IRCBot on the Mineways ZIP itself - looking at individual files, mineways32.exe (now "for_old_machines_Mineways32.exe") appears to be the one causing this warning. Note that VBA32 is just 1 of 71 antivirus packages run on the code, so I believe this is a false positive, since the other 70 packages clear it. Read about false positives here. I've written the VBA32 people about this problem; no response. If you are still concerned, download the Mineways minimal version, which shouldn't give the warning. Also, I noticed that VirusTotal is now saying that the file for_old_machines_Mineways32.exe has the virus Gen:Variant.Razy.582623. I have no idea what that is about; I think it's a false positive but cannot find more information about it on Google. If someone else knows different, clue me in. I have asked about it here.If you get "Error writing to export file; partial file output" (and "PNG error: failed to open file for writing") when you try to save an export, it's likely that antivirus software (such as Avast) is blocking Mineways. You need to give Mineways permission to write documents. See the item above if you want to test Mineways for viruses. Another possibility is that the directory path you gave Mineways is somehow confusing it. Try exporting to some directory that is simpler, such as c:\temp (which you may need to create, of course).(Thanks to Repty for figuring out the antivirus solution.)Mineways understands only worlds created in the Minecraft: Java (aka Classic) Edition. If it doesn't find your worlds, you may be using the Bedrock Edition on Windows 10. If your level.dat files are located in a directory with the path ..."\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Minecraft"... in it, or have weird directory names like "ZAD1Xfl9AAA=", that's a Bedrock Edition save. You can easily convert worlds from the Bedrock to the Java Edition so that Mineways can read them.If Mineways doesn't run for you, make sure you've got the latest version, downloaded the whole .zip file (it should be about 24 megabytes), that you have unzipped the file to some directory, and that you're running mineways.exe. Read on for more things to try.If Mineways gives you an error on startup or gets stuck mid-export, try Mineways32 (aka "for_old_machines_Mineways32.exe").If that doesn't work any better, double-click (i.e., run) the file mineways_min_debug.bat (you might not see the ".bat" on your system). This will start up without loading the list of worlds, and create a file mineways_exec.log while running Mineways. After Mineways crashes or doesn't start or fails, etc., take a look at this file. Whatever is happening at the end of it may give you a hint. If not, send it on to me for analysis. You might also try mineways_debug_log.bat, which starts up normally (loads your list of worlds), unlike mineways_min_debug.bat, but still creates a debug log file.Is your first language not English? Mineways (especially Sketchfab export) can have problems with accented characters. If, after checking into antivirus blockers, it fails to run or save, try unpacking Mineways into a directory with a short name such as C:\temp and try running it and saving there.


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