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Actual Plastics Collected to Save the Ocean

138,573 kilos


Our Eco-Warriors and their Community

In a dedicated effort to uplift the community, Project Zacchaeus played a pivotal role in the formal establishment of the Samahan ng mga Mamamayan ng Jacana (SMJ) in 2018. This association brings together 188 members, with around 60 individuals engaged in informal waste collection, while the rest are employed in construction, sari-sari stores, or seeking employment opportunities.

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The main objective of this Project is to improve the 3R and solid waste management system of Puerto Princesa City by empowering and promoting the informal waste collectors as catalysts of change and key partners, by equipping the waste collectors with advanced technology innovations to maximize digitalized collection procedures, segregation, waste databasing, promotion of awareness, etc., and by providing means of transportation for logistics mechanisms of the Project.

General Objective

Updates & Events

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