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Download Java 17 for Free: The Latest Version of Java SE Platform


Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world. It is a general-purpose, object-oriented, and platform-independent language that runs on millions of devices, from desktops and servers to mobile phones and embedded systems. Java enables developers to create high-performance, reliable, and secure applications that can run on any operating system that supports a Java virtual machine (JVM).

Java 17 is the latest long-term support (LTS) release of the Java platform. LTS releases are supported by Oracle for at least eight years, and receive security and bug-fix updates regularly. This means that you can use Java 17 for your production applications without worrying about compatibility or stability issues. Java 17 is also the result of extensive collaboration between Oracle engineers and other members of the worldwide Java developer community via the OpenJDK Community and the Java Community Process (JCP). Since the previous JDK 11 LTS released three years ago, over 70 JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs) have been implemented in Java 17.

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Java 17 offers many benefits for developers, such as new language features, improved performance, enhanced security, and better compatibility. Some of the main features of Java 17 are:

  • Pattern matching for switch: This feature allows you to use patterns in switch expressions and statements, which can simplify your code and make it more readable. Patterns can match on the type, structure, or properties of an expression, and bind variables to parts of it. For example:

switch (obj) case Integer i -> System.out.println("Integer: " + i); case String s && s.length() > 5 -> System.out.println("Long string: " + s); case null -> System.out.println("Null"); default -> System.out.println("Other: " + obj);

  • Sealed classes: This feature allows you to restrict which classes or interfaces can extend or implement your class or interface. This can help you define a fixed set of possible subtypes for your type, which can improve encapsulation and security. For example:

public sealed class Shape permits Circle, Rectangle // common fields and methods public final class Circle extends Shape // specific fields and methods public non-sealed class Rectangle extends Shape // specific fields and methods

  • Text blocks: This feature allows you to write multi-line strings without using escape sequences or concatenation operators. Text blocks can preserve indentation and formatting, which can make your code more readable and maintainable. For example:

String html = """ <html> <body> <p>Hello, world</p> </body> </html> """;

Enhanced pseudo-random number generators: This feature provides new interfaces and implementations for pseudo-random number generators (PRNGs). It makes it easier to use different algorithms interchangeably, and it also offers better support for stream-based programming. For. example, you can use the new RandomGenerator interface to create a PRNG object with a specific algorithm, and then use its methods to generate random numbers or streams of numbers. For example:

RandomGenerator rng = RandomGeneratorFactory.of("L128X128MixRandom").create(); int n = rng.nextInt(100); // a random integer between 0 and 99 DoubleStream ds = rng.doubles(10); // a stream of 10 random doubles

  • Foreign function and memory API: This feature provides a low-level API for interacting with native code and memory outside the Java heap. It allows you to call native functions, access native structures, and manage native resources without using the Java Native Interface (JNI). This can improve performance, safety, and portability of your Java applications that need to interoperate with native code. For example:

// A native function that returns the current time in seconds MethodHandle time = CLinker.getInstance().downcallHandle( LibraryLookup.ofDefault().lookup("time").get(), MethodType.methodType(long.class, MemoryAddress.class), FunctionDescriptor.of(CLinker.C_LONG, CLinker.C_POINTER) ); // A native memory segment that represents a null pointer MemorySegment nullPointer = MemorySegment.ofAddressNative(MemoryAddress.NULL); // Call the native function with the null pointer as an argument long seconds = (long) time.invokeExact(nullPointer);

  • Hex format: This feature provides a convenient way to format and parse hexadecimal strings. It supports both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as optional prefixes and delimiters. It can also handle byte arrays, byte buffers, and integral values. For example:

String hex = HexFormat.of().withUpperCase().formatHex(42); // "2A" int value = HexFormat.of().parseHex("FF"); // 255 byte[] bytes = HexFormat.ofDelimiter(":").parseHex("CA:FE:BA:BE"); // -54, -2, -70, -66

Downloading Java 17

Before you can install and use Java 17 on your system, you need to download the appropriate Java distribution for your needs. There are two main sources of Java distributions: Oracle and OpenJDK.

Oracle is the company that owns and leads the development of the Java platform. It offers commercial and free versions of Java distributions for various platforms and purposes. The commercial versions require a license and a subscription fee, but they provide additional features, such as Java Flight Recorder, Java Mission Control, and Z Garbage Collector. The free versions are based on the OpenJDK project, but they may have some differences in terms of packaging, licensing, and support. You can download Oracle Java distributions from

OpenJDK is an open source project that develops and maintains the reference implementation of the Java platform. It is sponsored by Oracle and other major companies and organizations in the Java community. It provides free and open source Java distributions for various platforms and purposes. You can download OpenJDK Java distributions from or from other vendors that offer their own builds of OpenJDK, such as Adoptium, Amazon Corretto, Azul Zulu, IBM Semeru, Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, Red Hat OpenJDK, and SAP Machine.

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