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SWM Remedial Classes for Eco Warriors

The Project Zacch Team has been trained to do the iterative process on its approach to create a better way of learning for all our Eco Warriors.

We have been conducting weekly sessions on Solid Waste Management (SWM) to our informal waste collectors (IWCs) in Bgy. Jacana to empower them and provide technical understanding on their job in the waste industry.

However, we have noticed that it was hard to gather them all at once because of their schedule as collectors and some other responsibilities in their households.

Thus, our team found a way to enable those who were absent to catch up on the learnings they have missed.

Our Eco Kolek team voluntarily conducts remedial classes and continuously encourages our Eco Warriors that learning is fun and learning is always available for them.

Kudos to all our teammates who have developed a deeper sense of love and care for all our IWCs in the Eco Kolek project in partnership with USAID.

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