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Project Zacchaeus proudly celebrates International Women's Month

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Shellemai or She' as we fondly call her in the team, is our ever reliable and vibrant Deputy Project Director. This lady loves everything about the environment way back when she was young. Growing up with parents who are missionaries to Pala’wan indigenous people, she has been exposed into serving remote communities and has appreciated the beauty and significance of nature since then. She graduated as Magna Cum Laude in college and is now a licensed urban/environmental planner. This lady is on her way into finishing her Masters Degree in Development Management at Asian Institute of Management.

Meet Jofer, the woman behind our Admin and Finance, our accountant and strong support. Despite her accounting background, her heart for the community development overflows. She has organized efforts to assist a small barangay of indigenous people's group in Bubusawin and spends her weekend teaching children and visiting families in that community, organizing them to become more productive and resilient.

Nanay Lydia is our community leader within the waste picker's community in Jacana, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. She is a strong woman who grew up in the slums but is always passionate about change as she leads her community. She is now a 'lola' (grandmother) and takes care of her granddaughter as a source of more inspiration and hope.

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