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Project Zacch Trails Typhoon Hit Communities to Give Help

Relief Distribution (1st Update) | Project Zacch initially distributed food packs to its affected members who are families of waste pickers in Jacana from Project Eco Kolek, women vegetable sellers of Juana Fresh, lowland farmers from its Farm Konek project, and the coastal families of the Seaside Tailors. Vegetables, canned goods, noodles, rice, and clothes were given respectively.

With still limited resources on the aftermath of Odette, we were able to reach more than 100 families through the volunteerism of our staff who took rounds in the purchasing, packing, and distribution of goods to various communities that are reachable.

We already have partners that expressed support for our relief operation efforts to the victims of Super Typhoon Odette. This means that we will be able to reach more families who are in dire need of food, shelter, clothing, and water in the next coming days and weeks.

But we still need your HELP. You can send donations through the following channels:

Gcash: 0966 552 0582 Jofer Joy M

Philippine National Bank: 1488-70007104 Project Zacchaeus

Or message us for further information.

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