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Empowering Eco Warriors: PZC Hosts SWM Training on Plastic Pollution and Waste Hierarchy

Project Zacchaeus Eco Kolek (PZC) recently conducted a Solid Waste Management (SWM) training session focused on plastic pollution and waste hierarchy. The training aimed to educate the new cohort of Eco Warriors about the harmful impacts of plastic waste pollution on the environment and the importance of adopting sustainable waste management practices.

During the session, participants learned about the adverse effects of plastic pollution on soil, water, air, and living organisms. They gained insights into the significant environmental challenges posed by plastic waste and the urgent need for collective action to address this issue.

The training also introduced the Waste Hierarchy concept, which serves as a benchmark for proper solid waste management. The hierarchy prioritizes waste management strategies based on their environmental impact, with an emphasis on avoiding, reducing, recycling, and composting waste whenever possible.

With a total of 16 participants in attendance, including 6 males and 10 females, the training session fostered a collaborative learning environment where Eco Warriors could engage in meaningful discussions and exchange ideas about effective waste management practices.

By equipping Eco Warriors with knowledge and awareness about plastic pollution and waste hierarchy principles, PZC aims to empower them to take proactive steps towards reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable waste management solutions within their communities.

This training session represents a vital step in PZC's mission to create a cleaner, healthier environment and build a network of environmentally conscious and empowered individuals dedicated to addressing the challenges of plastic pollution.

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