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Eco Warriors Lead the Way in "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" Initiative, Empowered by Eco Kolek

In an inspiring demonstration of environmental stewardship, the relentless efforts of the Eco Warriors, backed by Eco Kolek and USAID Clean Cities Blue Ocean, are propelling the "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" initiative towards transformative change. With a keen focus on addressing plastic pollution, this dynamic collaboration has set its sights on Barangay Bagong Silang, a community nestled along the city's pristine coastline.

Driven by a deep commitment to combating the escalating plastic pollution crisis, the Eco Warriors have emerged as frontline champions of change. Their tireless dedication to preserving the natural beauty of Puerto Princesa's bays is becoming a compelling force in environmental advocacy.

The picturesque charm of Barangay Bagong Silang belies an urgent issue - improper waste management practices. The casual disposal of waste has led to an alarming accumulation of discarded materials beneath residences, casting a shadow on the once-untouched shoreline. This assortment of waste, from plastic sachets to glass containers, silently contributes to the degradation of the marine ecosystem.

At the heart of the "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" initiative is a drive for source segregation and responsible waste management. This mission has rallied our Eco Warriors and allies, united by a common vision to restore the pristine waters that define Puerto Princesa's identity.

Eco Kolek, recognizing the power of collective action, has amplified the Eco Warriors' impact by providing them with a distinctive platform. This partnership embodies the essence of community-driven change, as the Eco Warriors step into the forefront of the movement, armed not only with their passion but also with the tools and knowledge to effect meaningful change.

"Our Eco Warriors are proud to stand as guardians of our environment. Through the 'Save the Puerto Princesa Bays' initiative, we're not just collecting waste, but igniting a movement for lasting change," shares Shellemai Roa, the current Project Director of Eco Kolek.

A critical aspect of this transformation is the integration of social behavior change. By instilling responsible waste management practices, the Eco Warriors are cultivating a culture of mindfulness that extends beyond the initiative itself. This approach underscores the potential for long-term, sustainable impact.

As the "Save the Puerto Princesa Bays" initiative gains momentum, the ripple effect of change has already taken hold. The recent endeavors in Barangay Bagong Silang mark a promising chapter in Puerto Princesa's environmental narrative. Through the unwavering dedication of the Eco Warriors and the steadfast support of Eco Kolek and all its partners, a blueprint for community-driven environmental stewardship is taking shape, promising a brighter, plastic-free future for Puerto Princesa's bays.

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