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LiveZilla v8.0.0.8 Pro Unlimited Operators » Developer.Team

To top things off, LiveZilla even has its own case study in which the company demonstrates how successful it is. Much like in that case study, one of the free plan's key features is the ability to chat with customers simultaneously in your office and on their mobile devices.

LiveZilla v8.0.0.8 Pro Unlimited Operators

LiveZilla can be used as a standalone chat for desktop visitors, but it also integrates seamlessly with the chat for your mobile visitors. If you want to interact with them on their mobile phones, you can automatically turn on the chat, adding an additional bridge between your site's content and your chat.

LiveZilla has a lot to offer for free, but it's easy to go premium with additional features and add-ons. While the free plan is your best bet, the addition of video and screen share as well as multiple agents is a nice extra perk.

In addition to free and paid plans, LiveZilla also provides a one-time setup fee for setting up your first agent. If you have a question or an issue setting up your chat, these guys are happy to help you out.

The free plan includes a 30-day chat history, although LiveZilla does allow you to upgrade your chat history. So, whether you need to chat with your agents for the next 30 days, or weeks, months, or years, your entire chat history is entirely up to you.

While reporting, a statistical report will be generated for the last 28 days. Livezilla bases this report on the information that is received from the operators. This also includes data such as your country, IP address, operating system, user browser and the data that is transmitted in the context of social media.


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