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Chicago, Chicago II Remastered Full Album Zip

Havoc and Bright Lights marked a rebirth for Alanis Morissette, the first album she recorded as a newlywed mother. Delivered a full eight years later, Such Pretty Forks in the Road is the second act of the story, an album about learning how to find contentment at middle age. Morissette wrestles anxieties, origin stories, addictions, parenthood, and partnership throughout the record, searching for reasons and a diagnosis, achieving a sense of peace with having her sense of calm being disturbed on occasion. Appropriately for an album that's decidedly focused on an inward journey, Such Pretty Forks in the Road simmers, never boils. Hooks force themselves into the center stage on "Reasons I Drink" -- the rare tune here that could be called catchy -- but otherwise melody takes a back seat to mood. This doesn't necessarily mean Morissette's words are pushed into the spotlight. Such Pretty Forks in the Road is lacquered in immaculate gloss, a sound that accentuates the interior journey of the songs without quite inviting exploration. A close listen reveals all the troubles rolling around Morissette's mind, but the nice thing about Such Pretty Forks in the Road is how its smooth, placid surface makes the record feel like an album-length guided serenity meditation.Side A1. Smiling2. Ablaze3. Reasons I Drink4. Diagnosis5. Missing The Miracle6. Losing The Plot

Chicago, Chicago II remastered full album zip

Double LP reissue of Marnie Stern's debut album "In Advance of The Broken Arm." One disc is the original album, remastered from the original mixes and the second is remastered demos for the original album.LP1 - Original Album 1. Vibrational Match 2. Grapefruit 3. Every Single Line Means Something 4. Precious Metal 5. Put All Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch That Basket!!! 6. Logical Volume 7. Absorb Those Numbers 8. This American Life 9. Letters From Rimbaud 10. The Weight Of A Rock 11. Plato's Fucked Up Cave 12. Healer 13. Patterns Of A Diamond Ceiling LP2 - The Demos 1. At Close Range 2. A Letter From Rimbaud 3. Vibrational Match 4. Every Single Line Means Something 5. Logical Volume 6. Trilogy - The Outer World 7. Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket And Then Watch That Basket!! 8. On The Wall 9. Plato's Fucked Up Cave 10. Civil War 11. Patterns For The Blind

Trailer Bride's 1996 self-titled record is a long-lost relic of the blooming Chapel Hill, North Carolina music scene of the '90s. Superchunk, Polvo, Archers of Loaf and other indie rock darlings were leading the town's indie rock movement while Southern Culture on the Skids were pushing the alt-country genre forward. Then comes Trailer Bride who combined both of those worlds with a gothic, lo-fi sound that centers around Melissa Swingle's atmospheric vocals and cryptic lyrics. Swingle started Trailer Bride following the demise of her band Pussy Teeth and would later go on to form the indie rock duo The Moaners with Laura King (Bat Fangs, Speed Stick), but the dark, southern sound that defines Trailer Bride's debut record provides a mystifying listening experience a quarter-century later. No Depression said it best in their 1997 review: "They're impossible to describe, but whatever you wanna call it, they sound really good." The album is available for the first time ever on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday 2022. This 25th anniversary edition is pressed on cloudy orange vinyl and remastered for vinyl. Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide.

The release is a 2LP containing a remastered and resequenced version of the album and is supplemented by unreleased demos, outtakes, tracks from a split EP with OXES and a booklet featuring a foreword by Steve Albini and never-before-seen documentation.

With an international hit like'French Kiss' to their credit, a less self-assured man might have triedtreading a similar path in order to replicate success. Confidence is evidentlynot one of Lil Louis's weaker traits and he didn't. Instead, fully armed withmajor label backing, he entered into the grand studio endeavour that would behis second album. 'Journey With The Lonely' is a highly accomplished mix ofstreet smart, sass, innovation and soul. Barbara Tucker contributed vocals toits 'Funny How U Love', but the amazing Joi Cardwell handled them on 'SavedMy Life', 'Do U Love Me', 'Dancing In My Sleep' and 'Club Lonely'. The perfectopener to a musical odyssey which, hands down, remains one of the greatest housealbums ever made.

I Re-recorded title track, 'Necrodaemon Terrorsathan' exclusive digital single releasing 18th September II Re-release of NECRODAEMON TERRORSATHAN 6th November, 2020 [remastered] III New currently-untitled album to be released early 2020

On September 15th, BELPHEGOR will unleash their new full-length album TOTENRITUAL, bringing once again Diabolical Death/ Black Metal into the world. Today, the band have revealed the cover design. The artwork was created by Greek artist Seth Siro Anton.

European diabolical death/ black metal kings BELPHEGOR have successfully finished the drum tracking and bass recordings for their new sinister masterpiece. This eleventh full length album is to be entitled TOTENRITUAL and it will present nine new tracks laced with obscure magick and full of furious brutality on September 15th, worldwide!!


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