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[S1E3] Go For Broke [NEW]

The series is set in Atlanta and follows Earnest "Earn" Marks, as he tries to redeem himself in the eyes of his ex-girlfriend Van, who is also the mother of his daughter Lottie; as well as his parents and his cousin Alfred, who raps under the stage name "Paper Boi"; and Darius, Alfred's eccentric right-hand man. In the episode, Earn is "broke" on his payday but still goes on a dinner date with Van, going to a restaurant that will be financially suitable. However, due to a change in ownership, the restaurant is now different and starts offering expensive meals. Meanwhile, Alfred and Darius set to make a drug deal with a fictional version of Migos.

[S1E3] Go for Broke


Earn is horrified to learn the restaurant has changed ownership and is now seafood-based, their waitress upselling Van despite Earn trying to pay as little as possible. He texts someone under the table and Van notices, but he denies it. She teases him about his passive "sad boy face" and he briefly leaves her to ask the bartender to keep track of how much he is spending, who laughs at him for being "broke as fuck." As the man continues to beg for his life, Darius quietly asks Al if the key is in his shoes, who snarkily asks why it would be there. Quavo decides to let the man go, but grabs a rifle and fires at him as he runs away, initially missing and then hitting him in the back, killing him. Darius asks if Al checked his jacket, who sighs and says he did.

On July 1, 2021, The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) broke the news that Amelie Child-Villiers (Censor), (Charles Edwards (The Crown), Will Fletcher and Beau Cassidy were added to the series. Their roles were not disclosed.

As Walt returns upstairs to get the key to the bike lock confining Krazy-8 to a support column in the basement, however, something occurs to him. He digs out the pieces of the broken plate from when he passed out and tries to piece it together, only to find that one shard of the plate was missing! Krazy-8 had taken the shard, and was no doubt planning to kill him with it if given the chance.

  • Walt finally makes a decision. He returns home to Skyler, ready to confess to her his secret...This episode provides examples of: Apologetic Attacker: Walt spends the entire time he's strangling Krazy-8 apologizing for what he's doing.

  • Buffy Speak: Marie complains about her ugly shoes, saying she only wears them for support because "[her] arches happen to be extremely archy".

  • Chekhov's Gun: The broken dish. Krazy-8 takes a shard while Walt is unconscious to attack him.

  • Chekhov's Gunman: Gretchen makes an unnamed appearance in a Flashback a full two episodes before she enters the story.

  • Compound Title: With the previous episode. "The Cat's In The Bag...And The Bag's In The River".

  • Establishing Character Moment: Marie stealing a pair of shoes from a store is the first we see of her kleptomania, something that becomes a reoccurring theme in the series.

  • Faux Affably Evil: Krazy-8 treats Walt with a lot of politeness and is even willing to reminisce about his upbringing with his captor. It turns out that he's attempting to use his amiability as a ploy in order to get Walt to free him, and then exact revenge on him.

  • Foreshadowing: Hank takes Walter Jr to a SRO to try and scare him straight about marijuana, and it sounds like something out of the worst after-school special ever, with all his bullshit about gateway drugs. Only look at what's happened to Walter over the last five seasons and ask yourself, "What did Hank say about gateway crimes again? How they ruin your lives?"

  • Flush the Evidence: Liquified remains of the bodies are flushed.

  • During Walt and Jesse's fight, Walt angerly snatches Jesse's expensive bag of meth and flushes it down the toilet to punish him for revealing personal information about him to Krazy-8. Jesse, however, kicks Walt out of the way and reaches into the flushing toilet to pull the meth bag out. Downplayed as it's to punish Jesse and not to hide evidence.

  • If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him!: Walt is faced with this choice when he has Krazy 8 chained up in a basement. Hilariously he makes a pros and cons list, balancing "Judeo-Christian values" versus "He will kill you and your family"

  • It's for a Book: Skyler claims she's asking Marie about weed for a "character in a short story she's writing". Marie is not fooled... although she completely misses the target, thinking Walt Jr. is the one doing it.

  • Oh, Crap!: Walt when he realizes where the missing shard of the dish is.

  • Police Are Useless: Averted with Hank and Gomez quickly determining what took place at the cook site.

  • The Reveal: That plate that Walt broke when he fell in front of Krazy-8? There's a piece of it missing that Krazy-8 will use to kill Walter once free.

  • Scare 'Em Straight: Hank pulls this on Walter Jr. to discourage him from smoking pot. Hilarious because Walter Jr. is not using any illegal drugs and is very confused as to why Hank is suddenly making such a big issue of it, while Hank thinks Junior is just trying to play it cool and gets even more over the top to make his point.

  • Serious Business: Jesse gets upset at Walter, not just because he has failed to uphold his end of their bargin (i.e. killing Krazy-8), but also because they flipped a coin on said bargin, with his wording heavily implying that he considers a coin flip to be some sort of unbreakable oath.

  • Sequel Hook: Walt's line to Skyler: "There's something I have to tell you." We find out later that he's gonna tell her about his cancer.

  • Sticky Fingers: Marie steals a pair of shoes from a shoe store with an annoying clerk.

  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Continuing from episode 2, Walt and Jesse are forced to deal with realistic consequences of murdering two people and hiding the evidence.

  • Sympathetic Murderer: Walter kills a man but Krazy-8 definitely had it coming and Walt only resorted to killing after exhausting every other option.

  • Wham Episode: Walt commits his second murder, strangling Krazy-8 in Jesse's basement.

  • Wham Shot: While cleaning up the plate he broke, Walt notices a sharp piece missing, making him realize that Krazy-8 plans to kill him after he's let go.

"Skyler, there's something I have to tell you."

Lee Coffin:I would. And it's interesting the way you just teed this question up, because I have been saying for the last couple of years that this scandal is misnamed. You just characterize it as the college admissions scandal, but in fact, not a single college admission officer is part of the scandal. So, it happened on our turf, but it was not something admission officers in any of the places involved were complicit in this scheme. And without trying to be cheeky, it's really a parent scandal. And I think it speaks to the way some parents were so anxious about the outcome that they were trying to achieve, that they broke the law and created a scandal that reverberates all these years later through the admission landscape. As an admission officer, I was as stunned and shocked as anybody when the story first broke.

If you do tell people then I would advise telling Kenny and Katjaa first and then you can tell Ben if YOU wish to, once you are done go back and let Carley know and then you will find yourself back downstairs, now go talk to Lilly and see what she wanted. She has found a broken flashlight and wants you to find out who broke it and such.

Now go to the far left near the fence and you will see some broken glass on the floor to inspect, once done with that go around the corner of the wall and you'll come across a big X on the wall, its a chalk mark but who did it!? Now go and ask about the flashlight and the chalk so speak with Ben, Kenny, Katjaa, (Doug or Carley) depending who you saved and then speak with Clementine (its vital you leave Clem until the end). As soon as you finish talking to Clem, Duck comes up to you and tells you about the gate. Head for the gate. You can high-five Duck by pointing at his hand if you do, you will gain a fan. You can also choose not to do it which would be not cool for Duck. After that talk to him and ask about everything, and then inspect the chalk scuff on the floor. Now push the gate open, after exiting go to the right. Along the way, you can look at the fence (pointless really). Look out for the grate in the wall above the floor, open the grate and pick up the bag of supplies from inside. Watch the cutscene, Lee showing the bag to Lilly. There is a lot of shouting going on outside now, it will turn out that your camp has been attacked by some bandits.

Try to run the train by using the Throttle, unfortunately this does not work. First you must uncouple the cars, but without running the train it would not be possible. Get out of the engine through the cab door and go left then use the boxcar door to enter the boxcar you have already been in to. Use the boxcar door to come out on the left side go along the train cars, trying to lift and use the coupler bar with your hands will fail because it is broken. Instead use one of the three heavy tools in the place where the cars are connected. Go back to your car through the same box car door.

The Mandalorian boards the Razor Crest, but is soon cornered by Greef Karga, who tells him that he broke the Bounty Hunter's Code. The Mandalorian unleashes some tibanna gas in an attempt to blind him. The Mandalorian shoots Karga with his blaster and removes him from his ship before taking off. As the Razor Crest takes off, the other Mandalorians provide covering fire.

And it brought them up, tied them up off Whitewater, Virginia. And the problem was they kept breaking loose, catching fire. And when they broke loose, it became a hazard to navigation. It was the Marines at Quantico who went chasing after them. And you can imagine that got old pretty quickly. 041b061a72


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