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Siddhargal Varalaru In Tamil Pdf 44l

since the last few decades the indian studies and the social sciences have been out of the limelight. the field of economics as well as that of related fields such as anthropology, cultural studies, and history have declined due to the lack of visible presence and meaningful engagement by liberal historians, anthropologists, and social scientists. the last two decades have witnessed the rise of religious right and the emergence of nationalist sentiments within the universities as well as the media. hence, even the content of the indian studies and the social sciences are likely to suffer. especially, within the sphere of social sciences the decline of political economy is extremely threatening to us. we are not exaggerating the matter even by a bit. in the 1980s-90s even the subcontinents largest names in economic studies, the economists and the postgraduates produced works rarely that could be felt to be deeply humanistic, economic, and social in nature. the political economy of the last two decades has been a different reality and as a matter of historical record it would be pointless to argue that the scholars who were earlier active in the realm of humanistic aspects of economy now have turned to be political economist. most such academic producing scholars are no more active than few of the reviewers within these two decades. the successful renegades among them are few and fewer.

Siddhargal Varalaru In Tamil Pdf 44l

when we think of rural india, we think of heavy indebtedness and labor dependency. however, the third world agricultural economists have unearthed the fact that the import substitution model which has been the predominant mode of indian agriculture for the last few decades has failed to reduce the high rates of the imports of food grains and agricultural machinery.


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