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UK Truck Simulator: The Ultimate Guide to Driving Across Britain

It's the same as the German Truck Simulator, there are 7 in-game truck brands, with MAN officially grants license to SCS for designing their vehicles in-game, while aliases are used for other 6 truck brands.

This simulator comes from SCS Software, veterans of thre truck simulator world. UK Truck Simulator plays pretty much identically to German and Euro Truck Simulator. In Career mode, you are given a series of lengthy delivery missions around a large if uncomplicated map. Controls are relatively simple, and in game instructions are good. There are plenty of camera views, useful when you're hooking up a trailer and also to keep things interesting on long highways.

uk truck simulator

In terms of driving physics, UK Truck Simulator is pretty basic. It's difficult to really go wrong when driving, and no matter how much you weave and twist at speed, you will not jacknife! Everything about UK Truck Simulator is dry and calm. There isn't really any character to the scenery or truck design, and the gameplay is both simple and relaxed in pace.

Taking on projects such as ours puts us under a lot of pressure to recreate reality in the highest level of detail possible - the truck physics, proper artificial intelligence for traffic flows, focusing on the nitty-gritty details of country-specific traffic laws or staying true to real-life sceneries and landmarks.

UK Truck Simulator (UKTS) is a vehicle simulation game developed and published by SCS Software and it was released in 19th February 2010. As an employee of a virtual haulage company, players can travel between 18 major cities in the United Kingdom, collecting and delivering cargo. Ultimately, players have the option to purchase their own truck, and drive as an independent driver, choosing their cargo and delivery locations.

Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game series created by SCS Software. The first title in the series, Euro Truck Simulator, was released on 29 August 2008 for Microsoft Windows and OS X and the first European-truck simulation established gameplay. The sequel to Euro Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2, was released on 19 October 2012 for Microsoft Windows and in 2013 for Linux.[1] It is the successor to the developer's previous truck simulation series 18 Wheels of Steel.

After this, players can start taking jobs from various fictitious companies and delivering cargo to various cities in their starting country to earn money. This money can then be spent on a new truck, upgrading the current truck, expanding the business to other countries, and obtaining a license to drive flammables and chemicals.

The game features European truck models with working instruments such as flashing indicators, temperature and low fuel warning lights, wipers, and gauges. The trucks included are fictionalized variants of the Mercedes-Benz Actros (known as Majestic), the Renault Magnum (known as Runner), the Scania R-series (known as Swift), and the Volvo FH16 (known as Valiant).

At first, the player can only take what are known as quick jobs. These quick jobs involve the delivery of trailers and goods from one factory (garage) to another (usually involves delivery between different town and states). The quick jobs are offered by logistics and delivery companies in the game and all fuel, servicing, and highway toll fees and costs are paid by the employer (the delivery companies). Therefore, when doing quick jobs, no paying of tolls, fuel, and servicing fees are required. As the player earns money or takes out bank loans, they can eventually afford to buy themselves a truck, which they can buy from truck dealers and truck showrooms (note that the truck dealers and showrooms must be 'discovered' first). With enough money, players can acquire a home garage, and start making more money by delivering cargo using their own truck instead of just being a driver for hire (freight market). Money earned in the game can be spent on upgrading or purchasing new trucks, hiring NPC drivers to take on deliveries (relevant employment agency must be 'discovered' first), buying more garages, and expanding the home garage to accommodate more trucks.

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The game included two new truck companies, Scania and Renault Trucks, with MAN returning from the original game. DAF, Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo trucks were not officially licensed and had their names changed to DAV, Ivedo, Majestic, and Valiant, respectively. Later updates included the official license for DAF, Iveco, and Volvo, and the official branding for the DAF XF, Volvo FH16, and Iveco Stralis.[9][10] In January 2013, SCS Software announced a downloadable content package called Going East!, expanding the game map into Eastern Europe. The DLC saw the introduction of thirteen new cities across Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and a new country, Hungary, and was released in September 2013. Unusually, Mercedes-Benz did not want their name to be in Euro Truck Simulator 2,[citation needed] and were still referred to as "Majestic". The Mercedes-Benz license was added to the game with version 1.18.1.

American Truck Simulator takes place in North America, and features over 150 cities. The game features American-style conventional trucks, instead of the European cab over trucks found in the previous two games, and was released on 2 February 2016.[11]

After the success of the Euro Truck Simulator, gamers have beencalling for the experience of right-hand-drive trucks and to bringthe driving experience home to the UK. Excalibur Publishing Ltd isreleasing UK Truck Simulator this February which is packed withwell-loved UK routes, motorways and scenery.

Until now Contact Sales has concerned itself exclusively withpublishing flight and train simulator add-ons. Its titles can befound in all of the major UK retail outlets including; PCWorld/Dixons, Game, Amazon and independent stores.

UK Truck Simulator is an upcoming truck simulator game released and developed by the Czech firm SCS Software. It was formally announced as being in production in September 2021 and then formally revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2021. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS soon after. In fact, the game is so popular that there are now online guides that teach you tips and tricks on how to play the game. This makes it quite useful to gamers since they can get tips from the pros who have played and mastered the game.

If you're wondering how does the UK Truck Simulator differ from the other simulators available, the difference is quite noticeable right from the title. While the likes of trucks driving game series such as the Half-Life or the Gran Turismo series, the UK Truck Simulator takes things up a notch by adding a freight hauling aspect to the action. You'll be able to use both hand controls and your keyboard to operate the various aspects of the game, such as the brakes, the tilt, and the speed. It's quite impressive to see how the truck simulator engine and its components have been modeled after actual working trucks, including the large engine and cab. The accuracy of the graphics, the detailed nature of the models, and the overall functionality of the truck simulator games are pretty amazing, especially considering the current technology.

The major focus of the game is to provide you with real life haulage jobs that you can do from major cities all over the UK. The game has you hauling cargo from warehouses to major cities. There are even times when you are required to deliver goods to individual homes. The truck simulator offers you a virtual chance to haulage cargo and haul goods in busy, nonstop traffic.

The game mostly consists of driving goods from one place in England to another, preferably in time and without damaging them. This improves the reputation which increases the difficulty and lucrativeness of the next assignments. When the player has earned enough money, it can be reinvested into an own truck (can be upgraded) and eventually even in founding an own forwarding agency. Then the player also has additional management aspects to take care of, e.g. hiring AI employees.

UK Truck Simulator is a video game published in 2010 on Windows by rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH, Excalibur Publishing Limited. It's a racing / driving and simulation game, set in a managerial, licensed title, vehicle simulator, transport, truck and europe themes.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for a great truck driving experience, through the roads of UK. Practice and test your driving skills in challenging routes across the UK, delivering cargos among 18 major cities connected by various types of roads.

You may start a new career in the cargo transportation business, delivering loads on time in the safest way possible, and making your way to the top of the trucks business. Work hard, get enough money to buy yourself a truck, and start your own business in this branch. The road to success in the cargo delivering business is not easy, you need to gather money, purchase and constantly upgrade your trucks in order to get the best efficiency from them.

Start the engine and drive your trucks across the realistic roads of England, Scotland and Wales, from the city of Aberdeen in the north all the way to the hills of the South Hams. Have a try of one of the best truck simulator software available on the market.

UK Truck Simulator is a downloadable driving simulator that has you take control of your own hauling company as you take to the roads, earning money and finally getting the chance to start your own company. The game was originally released on the 19th February 2010 and is developed by SCS Software, the same team behind Euro Truck Simulator, Bus Driver, and American Truck Simulator.


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