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Windows 8 Pro With Media Centre 32 Bit Pre Activated By Nathan !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Now there is a dirty little secret about upgrading to Windows 10 that nobody ever talks about, and that is the recovery media. Almost every computer comes with a hidden partition that has the original software that came pre-loaded with the machine.

windows 8 pro with media centre 32 bit pre activated by nathan

When you perform an upgrade to Windows 10, the setup program will replace it with a copy of Windows 10. So, if you ever want to go back to the Windows version that came with your computer, you will need to create the recovery media before doing the upgrade. Check out the section 'Make the recovery media' in the following article, five things you should do first when you get a new computer.

Excellent info. Works fine as of 14 July 19. Took me two goes, but first time was my fault because I did not follow the advice properly; I only disabled Bitdefender and Acronis Active Protection, rather than uninstall them. I'm guessing the Win 10 upgrade re-installs them which then re-enables them? So first time Win 10 installer was stuck at 55% all night. Cancelled out, and it hung, so expected to have to resort to restoring the system image I'd made, but left it a good while before hard shut down, and then my Win 7 Home Premium booted OK. Bitdefender a pig to uninstall, but once it and Acronis AP uninstalled, retried the upgrade. Worked fine, though it lingers at some % values that starts to look worrying, but patience wins the day. Now have fully activated Win 10 home with digital licence. Many thanks.

Worked great for me on 7/20/19. Only issue was that my Office Suite 2013 became inactivated. I didn't have the product key since I obtained the license through my company home use program (HUP). I called Microsoft with my work email and confirmation code and they provided me with the product key. Thanks so much for the article!!


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