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The Secret Meaning of Anya Dasha Masha 36: A Guide for Beginners

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is a comedy play written by Christopher Durang. The story revolves around the relationships of three middle-aged single siblings, two of whom live together, and takes place during a visit by the third, Masha, who supports them. They discuss their lives and loves, argue, and Masha threatens to sell the house. Some of the show's elements were derived from works of Anton Chekhov, including several character names and sibling relationships, the play's setting in a country house (in Bucks County, Pennsylvania) with a vestigial cherry orchard, the performance of an "avant-garde" play by one of the main characters (as in The Seagull), and the themes of old vs. new generations, real vs. assumed identities, the challenges of a woman growing older after successes in a career that seems to be ending, the hope and carelessness of youth, intrafamilial rivalries, and the possible loss of an ancestral home.

anya dasha masha 36

Critics praised Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike as a humorous adaptation of Chekhov themes that doesn't require familiarity with Chekhov. The original Broadway production proved to be a commercial success, recouping its $2.75 million investment in under four months. In 2013, it won the Tony Award for Best Play and the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Play, among other awards.

Middle-aged siblings Vanya and Sonia live in the family home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Named after Chekhov's characters by their theater-enthusiast professor parents, Vanya and Sonia have not had to grow up. After spending their adulthood looking after their now-dead parents, neither has a job, and money is provided by their movie star sister Masha, who owns the house and pays the bills. Vanya (who is gay) and Sonia (who is forever reminding everyone that she was adopted) spend their days reflecting on their lost chances, debating whether the grove of nine cherry trees on their property constitutes an orchard,[2][3] and bemoaning their rather Chekhovian lot in life. The only other resident of the house is their cleaning woman Cassandra, who, like her namesake, is prone to making dire prophecies that no one believes.

This static environment is disrupted when Masha returns home, bringing with her a flurry of drama, an endless litany of insecurity, and a much younger, gorgeous, dimwitted lover named Spike. Sonia's resentments and Masha's competitive nature begin to spark arguments, and while Vanya tries to keep the peace, he is repeatedly distracted by the preening Spike, who takes every opportunity possible to strip down and show off his muscular body. Masha's fifth marriage has recently ended and her career is starting to stall. Spike's career has never started, and his biggest claim to fame is nearly landing a part in the sequel to Entourage, Entourage 2. Another interloper arrives, the neighbor's pretty niece Nina, an aspiring actress who provokes envy in Masha, lust in Spike, and sympathy in Vanya.

Masha has returned home to attend a costume party at an influential neighbor's house and insists that her friends and family dress as characters from Disney's animated Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, choosing to dress as Snow White.[4] When told she will be going as one of the dwarfs, Sonia rebels and dresses up as the Evil Queen, imagining her as portrayed by Maggie Smith on her way to the Oscars.[5] As they prepare for the party, Masha tells them she intends to sell the house, leaving Vanya and Sonia devastated.

Things come to a head the day after the party. As Cassandra uses a voodoo doll on Masha, trying to dissuade thoughts of selling the house, Sonia receives a phone call from a man she met at the party, requesting a date. Hesitantly, she accepts. Vanya, who is secretly writing a play inspired by Konstantin's imagined symbolist drama in The Seagull, is convinced by Nina to let her read it in front of the others. During the reading (which stars Nina as a molecule and takes place after the destruction of the earth), Spike rudely answers a text on his phone, and dismisses Vanya's suggestion of a handwritten response. Vanya reacts by launching into an impassioned rant, criticizing America's cultural regression in communication and media, while fondly and wistfully recalling the surroundings and memories of his childhood. Concluding that the intent of such progress seems to make people like him feel lost and forgotten, he retreats into the kitchen in tears.

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike was commissioned by the McCarter Theatre, Princeton, New Jersey, in association with the Lincoln Center Theater.[8] The play, which was originally a one-act play,[9] ran at the McCarter Theatre[10] from September 7, 2012, to October 14, 2012.[11]

The original Off-Broadway and Broadway casts featured Pierce as Vanya, Weaver as Masha, Magnussen as Spike, Nielsen as Sonia, Angelson as Nina, and Grant as Cassandra.[21] The play was directed by Nicholas Martin with the set designed by David Korins and costumes by Emily Rebholz.[21][22] On July 28, Weaver left the cast and was replaced by Julie White as Masha.[18][23] Magnussen departed the cast on August 4 and was replaced by understudy Creed Garnick as Spike.[24]

Although Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is a comedy, it has some darker elements that pervade its themes. Ben Brantley of The New York Times described the play as a "sunny new play about gloomy people".[12] Patrick Healy of The New York Times described it as a "black comedy about unhappy siblings".[21]

According to Robin Pogrebin of The New York Times, "The play sets characters and themes from Chekhov in present day Bucks County, PA."[11] The characters Vanya, Sonia and Masha are middle-aged siblings named after Chekhov characters.[12] Their deceased parents were "college professors who dabbled in community theater".[35] The character names are borrowed from Chekhov plays.[36] Vanya is the protagonist in Uncle Vanya and Sonia is his niece. Meanwhile, Masha comes from Chekhov's Three Sisters.[37] Other characters also embody the themes and characters from Chekhov works, such as Nina from The Seagull.[12] The play depicts a home of siblings who have quarreled their entire lives.[4]

Isherwood noted that as Nielsen demonstrated her ability to lighten the play's stream of Chekhovian themes, "broad comic acting [was] raised to the level of high art."[14] He also noted that in Durang's plays, "heartache is generally fodder for belly laughs" and that Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike had plenty.[14] Lipton noted that the show was quite funny, but also belabored and "scattershot".[38] Several reviewers agreed that the show was "a bit of a patchwork".[39]

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