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Rainbow Friends Christmas Song Roblox Animation

In Chapter 1 of Rainbow Friends, Red (name given by community) is an unknown figure that kidnaps the players and guides them throughout the facility in Rainbow Friends. He never physically appears until the end, but he are first seen through dialogue as a black figure starting from Night 1 and onwards for the rest of the game. He is currently the only Rainbow Friend who is not hostile towards players, but that could change. He is possibly a scientist and may have created the rainbow friends using their various machines. Though, the background and origins behind Red are unknown as we only fully see him at the end of the Chapter 1. Red is intelligent compared to the other Rainbow Friends, who seem to act on impulse. He's the only known monster that is capable of speech. In Chapter 1, Red doesn't attack the players, as he is instructing them instead. He is present for the entire duration of Chapter 1 of the game.

Rainbow Friends Christmas Song Roblox Animation



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