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Freddi Fish Complete Pack PC

Freddi Fish is a series of point and click games from Humongous Entertainment. The series began in 1994. Freddi Fish is an anthropomorphic yellow fish who takes on detective investigations throughout the series. Her best friend, a green fish named Luther, goes with her on all her adventures. The voice of Freddi Fish was performed by Annette Toutonghi[1] and the voice of Luther was performed by Mike McAuliffe at Bad Animals Studio in Seattle, Washington.[2] The series sold more than 2.5 million copies and won over 75 awards of excellence.[3] In each game there are multiple different possible sets of quests one has to complete in order to complete the game, depending on the playthrough (randomness determines which set of quests the player is given).

Freddi Fish Complete Pack PC

In all the Freddi Fish games, except the second game (Haunted Schoolhouse), the game is divided into two areas: a larger main game world where the player completes favors for NPCs and gathers and uses items to work towards solving the mystery in question, and a smaller endgame area that is a point of no return where Freddi and Luther lose most or all of their items and confront the main antagonists and finally solve the mystery. The third and fourth games end with a mystery to find out who was the thief. In the third game, they give one or two clues that point to the personality of one of several possible suspects determined at random; in the fourth game, a clue in the Hogfishes' room points to an object the suspect had been using. 041b061a72


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