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[S1E14] Ghosts HOT!

Arcade AmbushYouTubeDropoutNerdy ghosts storm the mall. Riz takes extreme measures to gather info. Fabian does the impossible.Nerdy ghosts storm the mall. Riz takes extreme measures to gather info. Fabian does the impossible. Season Episode Overall 1 14 14 CampaignFantasy HighAir date19 Dec 2018 (Dropout)21 Sept 2019 (YouTube)

[S1E14] Ghosts

After Gorgug's turn, ghosts leap from the video games. Kristen's Guardian of Faith takes effect and a giant spectral corn partially shreds one of the ghosts with radiant damage. The ghosts then try to hurt Adaine, Gorgug, and Kristen but fail. One of the ghosts does hit Riz, but Riz uses Uncanny Dodge to lessen the effects. However, the ghosts instill Riz with the fear condition.

Adaine sees that there are dozens of magical spells affecting the arcade right now, so her Dispel Magic spell will not work. She then casts Burning Hands on one of the ghosts. Adaine is then told to make a Charisma saving throw, which she succeeds.

The ghosts attempt to attack Gorgug, miss, then vanish. Both of those ghosts are affected by Kristen's Spirit Guardians, and one of them is destroyed. Adaine is hit by one of the ghosts and is filled with fear. One ghost attempts to leap into Fabian and take control of his body.

Riz, stuck in the video game, attempts to collect coins but fails to get more than Penny. After losing, Riz becomes trapped within a palimpsest in the arcade power source. Gorgug tries to call his mom but is sucked into a video game. One of the ghosts leaps into Fig and takes control of her body. Adaine is badly hurt by the ghosts attacking her.

Gorgug wins a game of "Whack-a-Gnome" and escapes the video game. The ghosts are then terribly injured by Kristen's Spirit Guardians. Gorgug is then withered by the ghosts, but due to his Mindless Rage, he is not affected by fear. One ghost tries to leap into Kristen but fails. Fabian rushes past the ghosts and is hit by them along the way. Fabian calls to the Hangman to meet him at the Arcade.

The ghosts rush Gorgug and miss, but upon being honest (a mistake), the ghosts hit on their advantage rolls. The ghosts reach inside Gorgug and part of Gorgug's hair turns white. Zelda holds her hand out inside of her palimpsest.

Fabian explodes out of the arcade and returns to the rest of the party. The ghosts disappear and the arcade returns to normal. Upon asking where he was, Fabian lies and says he was fighting ghosts and that the stuff with his dad has been getting to him. Adaine replies saying "we all have dad stuff" until Fig corrects her saying that she has 2 dads and they're both awesome.

Prepare for some goosebumps in this episode, as myself and Mick delve into ghosts, the paranormal, Irish folklore such as fairies, the banshee, Tir Na Nog and more. We share our own personal experiences with the paranormal and how Mick started out a non-believer, until his extremely freaky encounter with a spirit who attached itself to a girl he used to know. Strap yourselves in for a creepy and freaky podcast! 041b061a72


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