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Ink Master - Season 5

Don Peddicord is a tattoo artist from Baltimore MD, He began his career tattooing in 2005 after a long and unsuccessful apprenticeship under a con-man Tattooer, he took his education into his own hands and turned his career around. Don competed on Inkmaster Season 5 and was eliminated in 7th place, in his opinion "due to judges favoritism" Don specializes in his clients, "I'll tattoo any style, any place, on any client! I'm a Tattooer."

Ink Master - Season 5

Season 11, as with most seasons of the show, presented a unique spin on the concept. Ink Master: Grudge Match - Cleen vs. Christian placed two of the most talented, versatile, and volatile competitors, Cleen Rock One and Christian Buckingham, at the heads of their own teams of hand-picked artists.

As with The Office, Season 9 of Ink Master divided opinion somewhat. Shop Wars saw pairs of artists representing their own studios, for the joint titles of Ink Master and Master Shop. In this season, the classic Ink Master returning veterans were out in full force, which changed the course of the competition.

Elegado still gets to participate in the upcoming live season finale, which will be Dec. 16. Elegado is not allowed to give away too much about the competition but said she will be excited to see who the winner is.

At the start of its fifth season, 'Ink Master Rivals' had welcomed Hibbard and his rival Jason Clay Dunn from Season 3 among 18 contestants to battle it out for a $100,000 prize in an elimination-style competition.

Meet Robbie Ripoll, a Florida-based tattoo artist with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Ripoll is best known for competing alongside his brother on season 5 of Ink Master, placing 13th in the competition. Today, Ripoll continues to tattoo and frequents conventions across the country.

The judges generally eliminate one contestant per episode, leading up to three competitors battling it out in the finale. The challenges change each season, but most are timed exercises in specific tattoo skills, such as creating a geometric design, tattooing on an eyelid or shading a tattoo that covers a scar.

The final three contestants consisting of Dunn, One and Siuda, owner and artist at Ghost Gallery Tattoo in Bethpage, were each assigned their own master canvas. They were sent back to their home bases to complete a 35-hour back-piece tattoo, where they had five, seven-hour sessions with their master canvas to create the best tattoo design of their career.

In the finale Dunn, One and Siuda revealed their master canvases to the judges and America. After the judges reviewed the artwork, Siuda was eliminated from the competition. In the end it came down to Dunn and One with the judges in a close call, ultimately naming Dunn the season 5 winner of Ink Master. 041b061a72


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