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Before embarking on your journey, it is important to know the different processes. To make sure that you get the best results and create an app that serves your purpose perfectly, you must be aware of these methods and their pros and cons.


Your mobile app needs to communicate your offerings clearly to the app users. What you write is important, but how you write it and how it looks is important too! In this section, you can decide the colors for each section of your page, like the header, the layout, and the page. The colors and the fonts that you choose for your app define the readability of the content that you place on your app. While choosing the colors and fonts, you must make sure that everything is easily consumable (readable) for the app user.

The most awaited time for any app programmer is the time to go live on app stores! The question how to make an app has changed to how to publish my app. This is where all the fun happens! The process to publish your app is different for different app stores and we have created dedicated guides to help you out with both.

When you are building an app with the intent to offer a solution to any existing problem, you must be prepared for the fact that people might already be employing a certain solution already. You would have to think how you would be able to convince them to make that change.

You can make a mobile app using Appy Pie app building platform. However, if you want to publish your mobile app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you need to upgrade it to one of our paid plans. To know more about our pricing, click here.

You can create an app without coding skills using Appy Pie no code platform. Yes, whether you are a professional, a beginner, or a business owner with no coding knowledge, you can make an app with Appy Pie without any technical knowledge.

Making an app just for kicks is OK, but when you are making an app for your business, you need to figure out how you are going to make money from your app. A sound business model will not only help you recover the investment you made in the mobile app but also bring in some revenue to keep your operations running.

For example, Words with Friends, a popular mobile game from Zynga is basically Scrabble but online with social and multiplayer features that makes it easy to play a long game in short pockets of free time.

I have an idea for a new social media app. I just have the base idea, so we would need to discuss it more in depth. If you know how to program that would be a huge help, because I am clueless in this area. However, I can make the design. You will have to be serious about this and we would split all the costs and profits. Please message me if interested on youtube or email (

You want someone to make you an app for a product or service of which you are not willing to discuss. Exactly how do you see that turning out? I agree that you should not blab your idea around, but when you solicit help in a random forum from complete strangers, what do you expect will happen? You have to discuss it with your app builder, and if you choose someone here that you do not know, you may get scammed.

Hi Chris, I want to make a songs app of my language for iphone firs and cross platform later. Can i develop an app exctly like saavn , spotify or soundcloud?. I am really keen to do and learn this. If you could guide me,it would be great or we can do business on this. reply me here or email me . It would be really appreciative for you if you will help me.

Hi Chris! I would like to build an app for my website. I sell stuff and see so many well created apps for retailing, such as zulily. Do you have any time to make some money helping my company out?

Many people want mobile apps but think it is too hard to create them. Fortunately now there are quite a lot of useful online services which allow building apps without programming skills and in hours. I am using Snappii at the moment and really glad I can feel like a mobile app developer and make apps on my own.

This one is iOS6, but if you send us a request, we can make it for iOS7, and even customize this video library for you if you want. Anyway if you have any question, you can reach me on Fb, Twitter(@elodiebinard), or using our contact form!

Hi Chris, My question is more for advice. I have a database of restaurants on my blog. I would like to make an app that is more mobile user friendly (and for a little income.) I have been trying to decide if I should create an app for it from scratch with an app maker by exporting the database, or if there is a plug in that would take just the database component. Is an app easy to create that is just a searchable database?

I have two ideas for apps and want to learn how to make an app. , But before I do, I want to be sure no one has already made one like it. Where is there a comprehensive list I can go to by go just searching by category?

Hello Chris, I am going to watch your tutorials for I want to learn how to make games. My son who is Autistic wants me to teach him how to do them. I do not have any experience. But I will do my best. I already have an idea for a game, all I need is some orientation to make it happen. Thanks !

To make sure that you achieve your app development goals, you need to understand the difference between a goal and an objective. Goals represent the final outcome that you want to reach. Objectives are the steps you take to achieve those goals.

When you go back in and make changes to the app, you should follow the same steps that you used during the development process. Always put the app through quality assurance before the release is available to the public.

In addition to your app coming out with new versions, mobile device operating systems come out with updates as well. You need to make sure that your app is compatible with the latest software versions from Apple and Android.

You can also make money by charging app users a one-time fee to download your app. App purchases for things like coins or content upgrades are both common ways to profit from your app. Alternatively, charging app users for a subscription on a monthly or annual basis is a great way to generate recurring revenue.

Take advantage of new technology and tools at your disposal. Today, you can make an app without any coding skills. Platforms like BuildFire will even help you get published on both app stores for Apple and Google Play.

For example, you might want to learn how to make an app for your ecommerce site. Or maybe you want to figure out how to build an app for internal employee communication. We have guides for both of these.

There are many free app makers, like appy pie, on the market today, but Alpha Anywhere Community Edition is different. You get the full capabilities of a trusted app development platform to build apps for both mobile platforms. When you build a new Android app, you're also building a great iPhone app using a single code base.

Customers love the product and training materials that teach them how to make an app for free. They consistently give it top scores on product review websites like Capterra, TrustPilot, and Gartner Peer Insights.

We believe companies need more mobile apps than ever before. We know developers don't have time to wait for corporate budget approvals to start developing them. Entrepreneurs also want to build a prototype of their SaaS app without having to make an up-front investment. As a result, we've released this app maker for free.

A mobile application can help you grow an existing business or launch a new one from the ground up. It is an excellent method to engage your online customers on their mobile devices, allowing you to increase your mobile traffic and encouraging active users to spend more time on your website. You must be wondering how to create an app? It is actually much easier to make your own app than you think.

If you have zero programming knowledge, you can consider leveraging a no-code development platform such as Shoutem. This mobile app building platform allows you to make an app effortlessly without writing code.

No app is perfect. Even the best apps are updated regularly. You should keep your user feedback in mind when introducing new updates to your app. Users expect you to make changes when they give feedback.

route is a string that contains a URL pattern. When processing a request,Django starts at the first pattern in urlpatterns and makes its way downthe list, comparing the requested URL against each pattern until it finds onethat matches.

Naming your URL lets you refer to it unambiguously from elsewhere in Django,especially from within templates. This powerful feature allows you to makeglobal changes to the URL patterns of your project while only touching a singlefile.

An entire team does app development. That is how great apps can be built and delivered in three to nine months. Without a full development team, it will take longer, and it might even cost your company more money to develop an app. Most companies look to outside development teams for app development projects because it does not make financial sense to hire all of the necessary talents internally for a project that will eventually end.

When your app development project concludes, your company will be excited to release it to the public. However, if you have never published an app before, you are likely wondering how long it will take for app stores to approve it and make it available for download.

The Apple App Store has a more rigorous review and acceptance process than the Google Play Store. Apple closely guards its store and ensures that all apps meet set quality control standards. As a result, Apple manually reviews every submission to the App Store. Google uses an algorithm to make sure app submissions are not violating its policies.

Creating your mobile app for Android and iPhone for free is easier than ever.iBuildApp app maker software allows building apps in a matter of minutes, no coding required!Just pick a template, change anything you want, add your images, videos, text and more to get mobile instantly. 041b061a72


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