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Kio's Adventure - Full Game - All Hidden Room & Death CGs - YouTube

Kio's Adventure Hack: How to Unlock All Achievements and Secrets

Kio's Adventure is a horror RPG game that tells the story of a high school girl named Kio who suddenly goes to a different world that is surrounded by organs and monsters after a weird earthquake. The game is full of horror puzzles, gore scenes, and hidden secrets that will challenge your curiosity and courage. In this article, we will show you how to hack Kio's Adventure using cheat codes and cheat engine, and how to unlock all the achievements and secrets in the game.

Kio's Adventure hack


What is Kio's Adventure?

Kio's Adventure is an indie game developed by SpaceLight Studio and released on Steam in 2017. The game uses 16-bit pixel art style and has a lot of references to anime and pop culture. The game has 32 Steam achievements, 11 hidden rooms, and 16 death scenes that you can collect and discover. The game also has multiple endings depending on your choices and actions throughout the game.

Why would you want to hack Kio's Adventure?

Kio's Adventure is not an easy game. Some of the puzzles are tricky, some of the monsters are deadly, and some of the secrets are well-hidden. You may want to hack Kio's Adventure to make the game easier, more fun, or more interesting. For example, you may want to use cheat codes to get unlimited health, ammo, or keys. Or you may want to use cheat engine to change the game speed, graphics, or sound effects. Or you may want to unlock all the achievements and secrets without having to play the game multiple times or follow a guide.

How to hack Kio's Adventure

Using cheat codes

One way to hack Kio's Adventure is to use cheat codes that you can enter in the game console. To access the game console, you need to press the tilde key () on your keyboard while playing the game. Then you can type in the cheat codes and press enter to activate them. Here are some of the cheat codes that you can use in Kio's Adventure:

List of cheat codes and what they do

Cheat codeEffect

godGives you unlimited health

giveallGives you all items in the game

noclipLets you walk through walls and objects

notargetMakes you invisible to enemies

killKills yourself instantly

map [name]Changes the map to the specified name (e.g. map dungeon)

unlock [name]Unlocks the specified achievement (e.g. unlock Congratulations!)

secret [name]Teleports you to the specified hidden room (e.g. secret Sp**m Land)

death [name]Triggers the specified death scene (e.g. death Squeeze)

Using cheat engine

Another way to hack Kio's Adventure is to use cheat engine, a software that allows you to modify games by scanning and changing memory values. To use cheat engine, you need to download and install it from its official website: Then you need to follow these steps:

How to download and install cheat engine

  • Save the file on your computer and run it.

  • Follow the installation wizard instructions and agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Uncheck any unwanted offers or programs that may come with cheat engine.

  • Finish the installation and launch cheat engine.

How to use cheat engine to modify game values

  • Launch Kio's Adventure and start a new game or load a saved game.

  • Press Alt+Tab on your keyboard to switch back to cheat engine.

  • Click on the Select a process button (the computer icon) on the top left corner of cheat engine.

  • Select KiosAdventure.exe from the process list and click Open.

  • In cheat engine, enter a value that you want to change in the game (e.g. your health) in the Value box.

  • Select Exact Value from the Scan Type drop-down menu.

  • Select 4 Bytes from the Value Type drop-down menu.

  • Click on First Scan button.