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What's For Dinner Severance : Season 1 Episode 8

\u201CWhat\u2019s For Dinner?\u201D is inherently flirting with the same criticism, built as it is around the anticipation of a moment that you can sense from the word go\u2014and the episode\u2019s runtime\u2014will be put off until next week\u2019s finale.1 But whereas \u201CHide and Seek\u201D was embedded in the season\u2019s rising action, Severance has clearly signaled that we have entered the climax of this chapter of the story, and with that comes a heightened energy to a situation that we know will not be resolved before the cut to black.

What's for Dinner Severance : Season 1 Episode 8

Weirdness has long been the name of the game for Severance but it's never been more clear than it was in "What's For Dinner" that the weirdness was often used to mask something much more sinister. However, as the show has been able to do quite masterfully for most of its first season run, it's quite impossible to put a finger on just what is at the root of that darkness. Is the company some sort of devil-worshipping firm that wants everyone's souls? Or it is simply a company that is perfecting how to control people by slicing off parts of their personality? It seems unlikely all will be revealed in the final two episodes of the year, since there's a Severance Season 2, but some answers appear to be coming.

There's also plenty of a new kind of weird as the episode continues and in true Severance fashion, that weirdness also happens to be quite foreboding and dark. Some questions are answered, like why Dylan has always been such a big fan of Waffle Parties. That the Severance procedure is more than just a way to make sure that workers don't form attachments to their coworkers outside the office is made abundantly clear. The episode also does a very good job of really, for the first time, showing some real questions about just what Cobel's motivations are for many of the things she does. Explained away as just being a bad person for most of the season, there's a hint that remorse exists there. Once again, that feels like nuance that most other shows out there these days would miss on quite badly.

What's for Dinner?Season1Episode8Air dateApril 1, 2022WriterChris BlackDirectorBen StillerEpisode guidePreviousNextDefiant JazzThe We We Are"What's for Dinner?" is the eighth episode of the first season of Severance.

The opening credits are the same for every episode in season 1 and they contain many interesting images worthy of scrutiny on their own. A 4K video of them can be found here. Oliver Latta and Teddy Blanks created the opening credits animation and they won the Emmy in 2022 for Outstanding Main Title Design.

What's for Dinner?Season1Episode8Duration46 minutesAir dateApril 1, 2022WriterDan EricksonDirectorBen StillerEpisode guidePreviousNext"Defiant Jazz""The We We Are""What's for Dinner?" is the eighth episode in the first season of the Apple TV+ thriller series Severance. It was released on the first of April in 2022.

One of the most popular theories is that 'severance' isn't a singular surgical procedure, but a social experiment or therapy practice. Early on in the season, it is mentioned that Lumon founder Kier Eagan's ultimate goal was to tame the "four" tempers: woe, malice, frolic, and dread. On Reddit, one user reckons that the data the severed employees are processing are their own negative emotions, categorized into each of said tempers. 041b061a72


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