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Route 11 Sweet Potato Chips Where To Buy

One crunch and you'll know why we put so much effort into kettle-cooking potatoes in small batches. There's just no other way to make chips with that perfect bite: light and delightfully crispy, with plenty of curl in the body. Kettle cooking in small batches means we're putting a lot of attention to make sure every little batch is a bit of potato chip paradise.

route 11 sweet potato chips where to buy

MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC SWEET POTATOES. When we cooked our first batch of sweet potato chips back in the early '90s, they were so incredibly delicious and beautiful, it was unbelievable to us, that nobody had been making sweet potato chips. They're the healthiest vegetable on the planet. They're indigenous to the USA. It didn't take us long to figure out why such an incredible vegetable was being under utilized and mostly relegated to Thanksgiving. They're not easy to chip. They need lots of attention, which is an undesirable attribute when doing large scale production. So, this is where being a small fry has its advantages! Anyway, our Sweet Potato chips are incredible, delicious, award winning and healthy! A 1oz serving has 120% RDA for Vitamin A. ( We source as many sweet potatoes as we can get from the organically certified farm, Quail Cove, located on the eastern shore of Virginia). ALL NATURAL. GLUTEN FREE.

Today, the crew at its industrial plant in Mount Jackson is busy churning out 600 pounds an hour of sweet potatoes. They are grown regionally, slow cooked in a mixture of peanut and sunflower oils and lightly seasoned with unrefined salt from an ancient Utah salt bed.

Route 11 Potato Chips originally sprouted in an old feed store in Middletown, VA and moved in September 2008 to its own state-of-the-art chipping facility in Mount Jackson. Fry-viewing opportunities abound as do chips for sampling and purchasing. Route 11 is famous for its delicious, old style, kettle-cooked potato chips with all natural seasonings. Seasonal specialties include organically-grown Yukon Golds and Sweet Potato Chips. If all the history starts making you hungry, come get your chip-fix at Route 11.

There are big windows in our retail store that allow you to see the entire process of us making chips, with the exception of the peeling of the potatoes. We will be happy to talk to you about the potatoes, the process, and the daily realities of chipland.

Hearty, thick-cut potato chips made from potatoes known for having field-fresh sweetness to them due to the great soil in the North Fork, Long Island. North Fork Potato Chips are extra crunchy from kettle cooking in real sunflower oil and salt. And nothing else.

The Route 11 Barbeque Potato Chips are the perfect balance of smoky and sweet, with just a hint of heat. All natural spices blended with dehydrated cane sugar juice and tomato-ey flavor create a smoky-sweet barbeque throw down that you just can't resist! Barbeque lovers everywhere call these "the bomb"! With a secret recipe and superior ingredients the Route 11 Mission is to make an outstanding product in a safe and clean environment. In this world of uncertainty that we live in, we believe comfort food should be just that. Know where your food comes from!

Everything we ship is freshly made. Shelf life of all potato chips: approximately 4-6 months. Shelf life of mixed vegetable chips: approximately 3 months. All bags code dated with expiration. We do not take back out-of-date product.

The potato chips themselves are top notch. Semi-thick, crunchy, kettle cooked potato potato chips, with lots of potato flavor, and just the right amount of oiliness to them. We would rank the chips themselves up there with some of the best!

New to us and to you! Try out our handmade empanadas bursting with flavors. These baked empanadas are the perfect pastry for on the go or as a small snack throughout the day. Stuffed with organic sweet potato filling. 041b061a72


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