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E Bony Dancing Under Misil Lights

Demon Physiology (Low Tier and Sparda Heritage), Improved Deconstruction with Ebony and Ivory (Caused Gilver's body and weapons to "evaporate", destroying him "molecule by molecule" until no atom remained[2]), Demonic Energy Manipulation, Unholy Manipulation and Magic (Every one of Dante's demon powers, be they physical or magical, shares the same source of energy, his Demonic Energy [3]. He can channel his powers for various different purposes, through his weapons[4] or through his guns[5], making any vehicle he's riding[6] to go faster, to create a platform for double jumps[7], for defensive methods and to transform into his demons forms[8]), Analytical Prediction (Is capable of noticing patterns in his opponent's style and can adapt to [fight accordingly][9], even against the Black Knights who have techniques that allow them to spot patterns[10] far beyond their opponent's abilities, and were created by Mundus[11] to kill Dante and Vergil using their combat data along with Sparda's, can make mathematical predictions to help him in combat, made a billiard ball hit all the others billiard balls in the air and perfectly hit all demons with only one shot from Ebony and Ivory, or when he made the Spiral's bullets ricochet[12] hit the opponents with maximum damage and when he made Echidna's seeds hit each other to redirect them to perfectly hit Echidna's head[13]), Psychometry, Weapon Mastery and Vehicular Mastery (Can use and master[14][15][16][17] different types of weapons or vehicles, scales to Vergil, Weapon Control (Can control Rebellion and the movement of his other weapons), Instinctive Action (Dante can dodge faster than he can think[18]), Social Influencing (Revolutionized the underworld, convincing the mercenaries to avoid unnecessary killing, even those who love violence and death[19]), Limited Toon Force (Showed to have this ability a few times in his life, like when he played Nevan[20], or when he performed[21] a shakespearean play and when he danced[22] in the same style of Michael Jackson. However, this is not applicable in combat), Rage Power (Dante is capable of becoming stronger and faster when he enraged, easily killed a demon when he got mad[23] at Jessica's demise, or when he became enraged at Mundus[24] unlocking power on par with him and was also capable of unleashing his magical aura, after witnessing Trish get killed by Mundus, or when he became angry with Chen[25]), Enhanced Empathic Manipulation and Enhanced Fear Manipulation (Dante was able to make demons fall into despair and fear[11] when he stopped using the name Tony and returned to using his original name), Power Nullification via Darkness Manipulation (In his Demon Form, Is capable of engulfing his foes in complete darkness[26], consuming them in fear and terror and causes them to revert to their natural state)

E Bony Dancing Under Misil Lights

A blast of wind hit the face. Set your foot down, and then the tripod. The old cameras will go kaput because, hey, how much can that battery withstand? So when you go to the Arctic, with all your heavy jackets and gloves and preparation for the cold, nothing can prepare your gadgets for what they are about to witness. Old phones and devices will shudder and die a lonely death under the Northern Lights. But thank heavens for your eyes. Because the dance of the lights that you see above you, is best experienced with naked eyes.

All your Pixels and iPhones will want to excuse themselves at this moment. And even if you capture that moment on your DSLRs, you can't capture the feeling. That, my friend, is to be lived. You will live and tell the tale of the dancing lights to your grandkids. Because in that moment, with the cold cutting through to your bone and your nose running a marathon, you will cry. When the lights rise.

Her large black eyes shone like two soft lights. A charming smile parted her lips. Her curls were caught in the jewels of her half-opened bodice, and the grace of her youthful body could be divined under the transparency of her tunic. 041b061a72


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