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Linux Foundation Failing To Support Big And Important Free !NEW! Software Projects Which Seek Assistance

Because of these decisions, and others like them,the GNU system is not the same as the collection of allGNU software. The GNU system includes programs that are not GNUsoftware, programs that were developed by other people and projectsfor their own purposes, but which we can use because they are freesoftware.

Linux Foundation Failing to Support Big and Important Free Software Projects Which Seek Assistance

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The first instance of this problem was the Motif toolkit, back in the80s. Although there were as yet no free operating systems, it wasclear what problem Motif would cause for them later on. The GNUProject responded in two ways: by asking individual free softwareprojects to support the free X Toolkit widgets as well as Motif, andby asking for someone to write a free replacement for Motif. The jobtook many years; LessTif, developed by the Hungry Programmers, becamepowerful enough to support most Motif applications only in 1997.

The Core Infrastructure Initiative[56] was announced on 25 April 2014 in the wake of Heartbleed to fund and support free and open-source software projects that are critical to the functioning of the Internet.

Whether they receive monetary income or not for their work, it must have occurred to most, if not all, opensource thinker-designer-implementors that there are so many elements of existence that are more important than money. And that money is just a tool, a tool which in its use is today is also improved by opensource software. Even without receiving money, opensource people receive so much more. It is indeed blessed to give. And there are people who would like to support these opensource work, individual people and big companies who have integrated the opensource stuff into their operations. Thinking of ways to make it convenient for people to contribute any amount at their chosen time and frequency is a good idea that would help encourage the thinkers-designers-implementors.

The Debian project leader election: a look at the campaign platforms for (most of) the candidates in this year's election. The state of the OSU Open Source Lab: the Open Source Lab hosts a lot of important free-software infrastructure, but few people know much about it. The congestion-notification conflict: two conflicting approaches to improved congestion notification in TCP, one of which may not be supportable by Linux. Building header files into the kernel: an eyebrow-raising patch set to have the kernel provide its own source code. Whither WireGuard?: the WireGuard virtual private network may be getting closer to inclusion. Case-insensitive ext4: adding case-insensitive support to ext4 is not a trivial task. This week's edition also includes these inner pages: Brief items: Brief news items from throughout the community. Announcements: Newsletters, conferences, security updates, patches, and more. Please enjoy this week's edition, and, as always, thank you for supporting (none posted)The Debian project leader election By Jake EdgeMarch 27, 2019 While a few weeks back it looked like theremight be a complete lack of Debian project leader (DPL) candidates, that situation has changed. After a one-weekdelay, five Debian developers have nominated themselves. We are now abouthalfway through the campaign phase; platforms have been posted andquestions have been asked and answered. It seems a good time to have alook at the candidates and their positions.

Comments (27 posted)The state of the OSU Open Source Lab By Jake EdgeMarch 26, 2019 SCALEThe Oregon State University Open SourceLab (OSU OSL) has been a longtime hosting site for a wide variety offree and open-source software (FOSS) projects. At SCALE 17x, OSLdirector Lance Albertson gave an overview of what the lab does, some of its history, and itsrole in mentoring undergraduates at OSU. There are a lot of facets to thelab and its work, most of which flies under the radar, which is why Albertsoncame to Pasadena, CA to fill attendees in.


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