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Sailor Moon S Episode 38

The third season of the Sailor Moon anime series, Sailor Moon S (originally released in Japan as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S[1][2] (美少女戦士セーラームーン .mw-parser-output .templateruby>rtfont-feature-settings:"ruby"1; .templateruby.large>rtfont-size:50%S(スーパー), Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn Sūpā), and later as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S),[3] was produced by Toei Animation and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. It began broadcasting on TV Asahi on March 19, 1994, and ended on February 25, 1995. It adapts the "Infinity" arc of the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi, and follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino and her fellow Sailor Guardians. In this season, they must fight against the Death Busters, who are planning to take over Earth. In 2000, Cloverway Inc. licensed the season for an English-language broadcast in North America. Optimum Productions dubbed the season, continuing over from the first two seasons that were licensed by DIC Entertainment and General Mills' The Program Exchange. The series aired on YTV in Canada, who adjusted the episode numbers to match those of the original Japanese version,[4] from June 12, 2000 to August 1, 2000. The season later aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami programming block in the United States. Edited and unedited VHS tapes and uncut bilingual DVDs of their adaptation were released by Pioneer Entertainment. In contrast to DIC's handling of the first two seasons, Cloverway retained the background music and sound effects from the original Japanese version. Eventually, the season was re-licensed by Viz Media in 2014 for an updated English-language release, produced by Studiopolis. The first 18 episodes of the season were released as Part 1 on November 15, 2016, and the remaining 18 episodes were released as Part 2 on June 20, 2017. While Sailor Moon S began very similarly to the first two seasons, it eventually took a darker, more emotional turn.

Sailor Moon S Episode 38

In the 1995 favorite episode polls for Animage, "Death of Uranus and Neptune!? Talismans Appear" came in first place, "The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus" came in eighth place, and "The Labyrinth of Water! Ami the Targeted" came in ninth place.[8] The following year, "A Bright Shooting Star! Saturn, and the Messiah" came in fifteenth place.[9]

Three pieces of theme music used: one opening theme and two ending themes. The opening theme, an updated version of "Moonlight Densetsu" is performed by Moon Lips. The first ending theme, used for the first two episodes, is "Otome no Policy" performed by Yoko Ishida. The second ending theme, used for the remainder of the season, is "Tuxedo Mirage" performed by Peach Hips, a group consisting of voice actresses Kotono Mitsuishi, Michie Tomizawa, Aya Hisakawa, Emi Shinohara and Rika Fukami. Cloverway used the English-language version of "Moonlight Densetsu" first commissioned for DiC Entertainment's dub of the first season and R for their adaptation.

The Snow, the Mountains, Friendship and Monsters雪よ山よ友情よ! やっぱり妖魔もよAiring InformationEpisodeEP 38, Season 1Air Date (JP)December 26, 1992Air Date (US)October 26, 1995Written byKatsuyuki SumizawaDirected byTakao YoshizawaFeaturedMonsterBlizzarNorth American DubDiC TitleSki Bunny BluesEpisode GuidePreviousLet's Become a Princess: Usagi's Bizarre TrainingNextPaired with a Monster: Mako, the Ice Skating QueenThe Snow, the Mountains, Friendship and Monsters" is the 38th episode of the 1st season of Sailor Moon anime and the 38th of the overall series. It aired in Japan on December 26, 1992. The DiC English dub title for this episode is "Ski Bunny Blues" and it aired in North America on October 26, 1995.

The girls were at Hikawa Shrine and Usagi found an advertisement for a Moon Princess contest and wanted to go. Rei took a look at the ad and she imagined herself skiing in the moonlight. Makoto wondered what Luna would say about it. Minako said that they can tell Luna and Artemis that they will train in the mountains. Usagi was surprised that Minako would say something like that. But they thought that they wouldn't be able to get a hotel.

Kunzite had set up the moon princess contest to catch Sailor Moon. But Prince Endymion came and said that Kunzite had been underestimating the Sailor Senshi too much. Kunzite said that he would get the Sailor Guardians. Kunzite looked at the picture of Zoisite that he had, and wanted to get the Sailor Senshi.

This post contains links to all of the tags with episode descriptions for episodes of the original Sailor Moon anime. All episodes will have a summary which was written when the episode originally aired on Hulu but other posts will also be tagged for certain episodes.

The set contains all 38 episodes of the Sailor Moon S series across 5 Blu-Ray discs. The episodes all feature the new VIZ dub and are fully uncut so if you grew up watching the DiC dub expect some big changes here. Because not only are the violent nature and darker scenes retained here, the character traits of characters DiC decided to cut are back here too including the same sex relationship of Sailor Uranus and Neptune.

As often happens with anime inspired by popular manga series, Sailor Moon was in production as an anime while the manga was still being written. The result is that there are filler episodes in a lot of anime. With Sailor Moon, there was a whole filler arc.

Case in point: Moon Animate Make-Up, a full-length recreation of an episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, featuring a different animator for every shot of the show. And yes: That includes the "Sailor Moon Says" PSA at the end.

Announced last November on Tumblr, Moon Animate Make-Up is recreating Sailor Moon episode 38, "Factious Friends," in which the Sailor Scouts have to pull together and rescue Tuxedo Mask from the forces of the Negaverse through the power of miniskirted friendship. In addition to the episode itself (and the PSA), they're even going as far as redoing the opening and closing segments, too.

Case in point: Moon Animate Make-Up, a full-length recreation of an episode of the original Sailor Moon anime, featuring a different animator for every shot of the show. And yes: That includes the \"Sailor Moon Says\" PSA at the end.

Moon Animate Make-Up is a crowdsourced group animation project to re-animate an episode of Sailor Moon shot-by-shot in each artist's personal style. From October 2013 to July 2014, over two hundred and fifty animators contributed at least one shot each to assemble a full length parody episode of Sailor Moon.

At the end of the first season, the sailor guardians find the Dark Kingdom. All the other senshi sacrifice themselves to save Sailor Moon. Usagi rescues Endymion, but the prince dies fighting Beryl. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity. Serenity fights Beryl (who is possessed by Queen Metalia). Serenity defeats Beryl, destroys Metalia, and dies.

The sailor scouts face new enemies, the Death Busters, led by Professor Tomoe. Tomoe has a daughter, Hotaru, who will become Sailor Saturn. (But first, she becomes host to Mistress 9, the Messiah of Silence.) As the Guardian of Destruction, Saturn is seen as a potential threat if awakened.

The outer sailor senshi need to find three Pure Heart Crystals which contain special talismans. Uranus and Neptune have two of them. The third belongs to Sailor Pluto. Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the leader of the Death Busters.

Season 5 starts with a Nehelenia sub-arc (episodes 167-172): This is linked to season 4, as it finishes up the Dream arc. Sailor Galaxia releases Nehelenia from her mirror. Hotaru grows up quickly and becomes Sailor Saturn. Nehelenia forces Mamoru into her world. Sailor Moon transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon and follows Nehelenia. Sailor Moon takes pity on Nehelenia, which breaks her curse.

With the popularity that the Sailor Moon series saw upon airing on Cartoon Network's Toonami block, YTV and Cartoon Network ordered more episodes to be dubbed. DiC Entertainment declined on licensing any further episodes, so Toei's then-North American branch Cloverway, Inc. stepped in to license further episodes. Optimum Productions was, once again, chosen to dub the series; however, many of the original voice actors did not return (including Sailor Moon's voice, Terri Hawkes, who was on maternity leave) and were replaced.

Cloverway's adaptation stayed relatively close to the original Japanese version, without skipping or merging any episodes and keeping the original music. Cloverway gave Optimum almost complete creative freedom as long as 77 episodes were recorded in four months. This rushed Production meant that as many as 11 episodes were recorded in each 4-hour session with the voice actors recording each line only twice, with the better take used. In addition, the new ADR director, Nicole Thuault, relied on an English interpreter to communicate with the actors given that she only spoke French. The writers at Optimum worked independently without any kind of "bible" on what the attack names, transformation phrases, etc. were supposed to be, resulting in them changing many times throughout these episodes. 041b061a72


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