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Also some extra info, if you apply a background: white; style (or any non-transparent colour, or image) to the element, it will then be able to render the first frame of the video instead of showing nothing. In some cases it will continue to render the following frames only when the user is dragging their finger on the video element. As soon as the page stops moving, the video will freeze again.

Download File Poster-style Freeze Frame Action_...

Download File:

Standardized lazy-loading of iframes defers offscreen iframes from being loaded until the user scrolls near them. This saves data, speeds up the loading of other parts of the page, and reduces memory usage.This demo of &LTiframe loading=lazy> shows lazy-loading video embeds: Why should we lazy-load iframes? #Third-party embeds cover a wide range of use cases, from video players, to social media posts, to ads. Often this content is not immediately visible in the user's viewport. Rather, it's only seen once they scroll further down the page. Despite this, users pay the cost of downloading data and costly JavaScript for each frame, even if they don't scroll to it.Based off Chrome's research into automatically lazy-loading offscreen iframes for Data Saver users, lazy-loading iframes could lead to 2-3% median data savings, 1-2% First Contentful Paint reductions at the median, and 2% First Input Delay (FID) improvements at the 95th percentile.Additionally, lazy-loading off-screen iframes can impart benefits to Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). LCP candidates, such as images or text dependent on web fonts in order to render. Because iframes can often require a significant amount of bandwidth in order to load all of their subresources, lazy-loading offscreen iframes can significantly reduce bandwidth contention on network-constrained devices, leaving more bandwidth to load resources which contribute to a page's LCP.How does built-in lazy-loading for iframes work? #The loading attribute allows a browser to defer loading offscreen iframes and images until users scroll near them. loading supports two values:lazy: is a good candidate for lazy-loading.eager: is not a good candidate for lazy-loading. Load right away.Using the loading attribute on iframes works as follows:

You might have many iframes scattered across years worth of post content in a WordPress site. You can optionally add the following code to your WordPress theme's functions.php file to automatically insert loading="lazy" to your existing iframes without having to manually update them each individually.Note that browser-level support for lazy-loading iframes is also being worked on in WordPress core. The following snippet will check for the relevant flags so that, once WordPress has the functionality built-in, it will no longer manually add the loading="lazy" attribute, ensuring it is interoperable with those changes and will not result in a duplicate attribute. 041b061a72


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