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Capelle's Practicing Pool: Take Your Game To Th...

This is really a question (as most always) more than comment and pertains more or less to the TWO previous blog entries.Recently, I got Lee Brett's *Secret Art* and your PSR discussion makes me think of his "in" or "out" of the box approach. Have you read it, and does it add anything substantive that comes to mind relative to the PSR(s) you might favor?Also, serendipitously I have Capelle's *Practicing Pool* and *Play Your Best Straight Pool.* But (and this matters to me) I can't figure out if *Play Your Best 8-Ball* (which seems to have been published or updated 2004) is then "necessary" ... beings 8-Ball and Straight Pool are the games "I know" and especially 8-Ball is the game I've played 95% of the time. I like straight pool to be sure, and I THINK 9-Ball will be a game I'll be playing quite a bit (soon), but it's almost impossible to really tell how much overlap there is between these books ... maybe he's figured out a ploy (nothing snide there) to max out sales? If *Play Your Best 8-Ball* has a bunch of stuff NOT in *Play Your Best Straight Pool* then I'm ready/willing/able to get a copy, I think, but then I see this "Special 10th Anniversary Ed" of *Play Your Best Pool* where Mr. Capelle says "not one page has been left untouched" (in terms of re-edit I take it) but the diagrams are still B&W apparently. Whew. It'd be nice to know - when a book seems to come highly recommended - which Ed (and maybe even which title) really contains what. Of course that'd require (anyone recommending) the luxury of being able to look at multiple Eds. ... I'm probably willing to check into which Eds are available in the public library system (which is impressive in my city) if it'd be of any help.

Capelle's Practicing Pool: Take Your Game to th...

Your success at 8-ball and 9-ball depends on your knowledge of each game. In two big chapters (packed with over 170 illustrations) you'll learn all about offensive and defensive strategies. In addition, your game will benefit from solid advice on kick shots, safeties, pattern play, break shots, and much more.It takes practice to develop a strong game - so Play Your Best Pool provides you with a skills building program that includes over 20 exercises and a game plan for making your practice sessions as fun and productive as possible.Complete discussions on the mental game, competition, and how to improve will teach you how to think like a winner, and how to win tournaments, money games, and in league play.

When you master the fundamentals, you will lay the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment of pool. I urge newer players to take the necessary time to learn these fundamentals thoroughly. Make them a part of your game. Don't rush the process. Be sure that you feel comfortable with your grip, bridge, stance, and stroke before leaving this chapter. Learn the fundamentals thoroughly. Practice them diligently. And check them regularly throughout your career. Your game will benefit accordingly.

The Pro Book broke the mold for books on pool. Now...there's The Advanced Pro Book! Seven years of additional research from the author of The Pro Book, widely considered the most advanced training resource in pool. This new book covers five major areas of strategy and training techniques for the serious pool player: 1. Honing Your Technique This section outlines the distinctions and self-knowledge that can take a players technique all the way to a professional level. 2. Mastering the Shot Routine This section is an in-depth examination of the Shot Routine so that a player can design and refine his or her's to perfectly express themselves. It shows how to take advantage of one's own unique body type. 3. Mastering Advanced Tools This section covers all the shots of advanced execution, including advanced shots, safeties, kicks, banks, the break shot, and the specialty shots. They are outlined in a structure for practicing them. The concepts behind them are fully explained. The sections on Kicking and Banking Maps are exceptional and clearly demonstrate why excellent players kick and bank so well. They know the shots! The sections on Pro Shots and Pro Safeties extends the high-performance Reference Training part of The Pro Book into more complex and creative uses. 4. Getting Your Game Out Everybody can play great on a practice table. This section reveals the secrets that top players use to get their best game out and into a match. It shows how to train mentally and physically to master this extremely important part of the game. 5. Match Strategy. This section breaks the competitive match and game into front, mid, and end scenarios and outlines the different strategies for maximizing position, control and power in each. Sometimes it's as easy as proper shot selection! The Advanced Pro Book is designed for you to: Train to execute advanced shots, position play, defensive play, banks and kicks. Learn to get your best game out when you need it! Keep your focus under pressure! Discover advanced strategies for the front, mid, and end games. Learn to take control! Hone your technique to a master s edge by using your own natural coordination! Increase your consistency by incorporating personal alignment, stroke and rhythm. Master the shot routine, visualization, timing, and flow. Discover what is natural for you! 041b061a72


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