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Tamed Teens UPD

Teens are usually unruly and obnoxious. Not these teens! Is Princess giving you an attitude? Shove a dick in her mouth - that'll learn her hot little ass real quick! Slutty, teen babes get crashed and smashed.

tamed teens

Raul Cristian's Cruel Media, Europe's award winning gonzo studio, delivers seven spectacular scenes of wild young tarts getting teased and tamed. If you like voluptuous blondes (Myra Lyon), double penetrations, fishnet stockings, shaved pussies (the stunning Regina Moon), poolside four ways, or watching natural beauty Kyra get choked up before her reverse anal cowgirl then Raul Cristian's Tamed Teens #7 is for you.

The season begins with the electrifying rock musical "Rent," the first in the Four Show Subscription Series. "Rent" runs Oct. 18-21. The Tony-award winning musical -- a twist on the famed opera "La Bohéme -- tells the story of a group of young artists who struggle to achieve their dreams despite the adverse realities of the bohemian Lower East Side of Manhattan, and under the shadow of the HIV epidemic. Recommended for mature teens and adults, the production is directed by Courtney Self and musically co-directed by Kay Satoh and Tim Fink.

The season continues with "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf," running Feb. 21-24. This contemporary classic, blending theater, music, poetry, and dance, tells the story of seven African-American women who examine the struggles and obstacles in their lives. Recommended for mature teens and adults.

The subscription series climaxes with the searing romantic drama "Reasons to be Pretty," running April 25-28. An off-hand remark about the "regular" looks of a lover ignites a series of confrontations and discoveries delivered with the compassionate insight and razor-sharp wit of one of America's most vibrant contemporary playwrights. Recommended for mature teens and adults.

"The Three Seasons of Cora," by Erin R. Zimmerman, makes its world premiere in the C. H. Moe Theater (Communications Building) with a Nov. 1-4 run. This new play tells the story of a late 19th century West Virginia young woman claimed, tamed, and ultimately changed by the oppressive forces of society. Segun Ojewuyi directs the play. Tickets are $12 and $6.

The park was made possible by a $60 million flood-control project that tamed the Carroll Creek in 1993, putting the creek safely underground, according to The Frederick News-Post. Today visitors see a waist-deep waterway in a 1.3-mile manmade channel with concrete banks 40 feet wide. 041b061a72


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