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What You Need to Know About Prison Break Season 4 on 720p BluRay

Prison Break Season 4: A Thrilling Escape from The Company

If you are a fan of action-packed drama series with complex plots and intriguing characters, you might want to check out Prison Break season 4. This is the fourth and final season of the popular show that aired on Fox from 2008 to 2009. In this season, the protagonists have to deal with a new enemy: The Company, a shadowy organization that controls the government and wants to use a mysterious device called Scylla for its own nefarious purposes. In this article, we will give you an overview of what Prison Break is, what happens in season 4, and why you should watch it.



What is Prison Break?

Prison Break is an American serial drama television series created by Paul Scheuring. It revolves around two brothers: Michael Scofield, a brilliant engineer who deliberately gets himself sent to prison to break out his older brother Lincoln Burrows, who is wrongly convicted of murder and sentenced to death; and Lincoln Burrows, a former construction worker who becomes a fugitive after escaping from prison with Michael's help. Along the way, they encounter various allies and enemies who either help them or hinder them in their quest for freedom and justice.

What is the plot of season 4?

In season 4, Michael and Lincoln are contacted by Homeland Security agent Don Self, who offers them a deal: if they can steal Scylla, a digital black book that contains all the secrets of The Company, from six different cardholders, they will be granted full immunity and a new life. However, they soon discover that Scylla is more than just a data device: it is also a key to a powerful energy source that could change the world. To get Scylla, they have to team up with some of their former enemies, such as Alexander Mahone, a former FBI agent who hunted them down; Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, a ruthless psychopath who escaped from prison with them; and Gretchen Morgan, a mercenary who worked for The Company and tortured Sara Tancredi, Michael's love interest and Lincoln's ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, they also have to deal with various obstacles and threats, such as Wyatt Mathewson, a cold-blooded assassin hired by The Company; General Jonathan Krantz, the leader of The Company who wants Scylla back; Christina Scofield, Michael and Lincoln's long-lost mother who turns out to be working for The Company; and Paul Kellerman, a former Secret Service agent who faked his death and reappears with a surprising offer.

Why should you watch season 4?

You should watch season 4 because it is a thrilling conclusion to the saga of Michael and Lincoln. It has everything you would expect from a Prison Break season: action, suspense, drama, romance, humor, twists, and surprises. You will see how the characters evolve and change throughout their journey, how they face their pasts and their futures, how they overcome their challenges and their enemies, and how they find their redemption and their happiness. You will also see how the story ties up all the loose ends and reveals all the secrets that have been hidden since the beginning. You will not be disappointed by this season.

Main body

The main characters and their roles

In this section, we will introduce you to some of the main characters in season 4 and their roles in the story.

Michael Scofield

Michael Scofield is the protagonist of Prison Break. He is a genius engineer who has an eidetic memory and can devise elaborate plans to escape from any situation. He is also loyal, courageous, compassionate, and determined. He loves his brother Lincoln more than anything else in the world and will do anything to protect him. He also loves Sara Tancredi, a doctor who helped him escape from prison and became his girlfriend. In season 4, he suffers from a brain tumor that affects his health and his judgment. He also learns that his mother Christina is alive and working for The Company. He leads the team to steal Scylla and destroy The Company once and for all.

Lincoln Burrows

```html Sara Tancredi

Sara Tancredi is a doctor who worked at Fox River State Penitentiary and fell in love with Michael. She helped him escape from prison and joined him on the run. She was captured by The Company and tortured by Gretchen Morgan, who made everyone believe that she was killed. However, she survived and reunited with Michael and Lincoln. She is smart, kind, brave, and loyal. She supports Michael in his mission to steal Scylla and destroy The Company. She also becomes pregnant with Michael's child.

Alexander Mahone

Alexander Mahone is a former FBI agent who was assigned to hunt down Michael and Lincoln after their escape from prison. He is a brilliant profiler who can anticipate their moves and strategies. He is also a drug addict who suffers from guilt and trauma after killing several people. He was blackmailed by The Company to work for them and was sent to Sona, a Panamanian prison, where he met Michael again. He escaped from Sona with Michael's help and joined his team to steal Scylla and get his freedom back. He is cunning, ruthless, pragmatic, and resourceful. He also develops a friendship with Michael and a rivalry with Wyatt Mathewson.

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell is a psychopath who was imprisoned at Fox River State Penitentiary for multiple counts of murder, rape, and kidnapping. He escaped from prison with Michael and Lincoln and followed them around the world. He is a master manipulator who can charm, lie, and kill his way out of any situation. He is also a survivor who can adapt to any environment. He was captured by The Company and forced to work for them as an informant. He also acquired a copy of Whistler's bird book, which contained information about Scylla. He joined Michael's team to steal Scylla and get rich. He is sadistic, charismatic, witty, and greedy.

The main challenges and twists

In this section, we will describe some of the main challenges and twists that the characters face in season 4.

The Scylla card and the six holders

The Scylla card is a device that contains all the secrets of The Company, such as its members, its operations, its finances, its projects, and its enemies. It also serves as a key to access a powerful energy source that could change the world. The Scylla card is divided into six pieces that are held by six different people: Stuart Tuxhorn, a businessman; Lisa Tabak, a lawyer; Mark White, a scientist; Ralph Becker, an engineer; Edward Vikan, a politician; and Jonathan Krantz, the leader of The Company. To get Scylla, Michael's team has to steal each piece from each holder without alerting them or The Company. They use various methods such as breaking into their houses, hacking into their computers, impersonating their associates, or kidnapping them.

The betrayal of Don Self and Gretchen Morgan

Don Self is a Homeland Security agent who recruits Michael's team to steal Scylla in exchange for their immunity and freedom. However, he betrays them after they obtain Scylla and reveals that he was working for himself all along. He plans to sell Scylla to the highest bidder and make millions of dollars. He also teams up with Gretchen Morgan, a mercenary who worked for The Company and tortured Sara Tancredi. She also betrays The Company after they try to kill her and her family. She joins forces with Self to get Scylla and get revenge on The Company.

The return of Paul Kellerman and Christina Scofield

Paul Kellerman is a former Secret Service agent who worked for The Company and helped frame Lincoln Burrows for murder. He later turned against The Company and helped Michael and Lincoln expose their conspiracy. He was shot by The Company's agents and presumed dead. However, he survived and reappeared in season 4 as a UN official who offers Michael's team a deal: if they give him Scylla, he will use it to expose The Company's crimes to the world and clear their names.

Christina Scofield is Michael and Lincoln's mother who abandoned them when they were young. She was revealed to be alive and working for The Company as one of their top operatives. She was also behind the murder of Terrence Steadman and the framing of Lincoln Burrows. She wanted to use Scylla to start a war between China and India and profit from it.

The final showdown at the Miami-Dade Federal Correctional Institution

In the final episodes of season 4, Michael's team manages to recover Scylla from Self and Morgan with Kellerman's help. However, they are ambushed by Christina Scofield's men at a hotel where Sara Tancredi is held hostage. Michael agrees to trade Scylla for Sara's life but Christina double-crosses him and shoots him in the chest. Lincoln then chases Christina to the Miami-Dade Federal Correctional Institution where she plans to use Scylla to launch a missile at an oil tanker in the Indian Ocean.

```html season. He dies in Sara's arms after stopping his mother Christina from launching a missile that would have started a war. He also leaves a video message for his friends and family, telling them that he has hidden Scylla in a secure location and that he trusts them to use it for good. He also thanks them for their friendship and loyalty.



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